Going Solo: Touching Self


Being a teenager, trying to look for answers to what I was feeling, it was hard not to have someone to talk to who you'll feel secure in sharing intimate emotions. It becomes important that the person you are telling your stories to is someone who is going through the same phase or events in your life as you are. Being in the same boat, so to speak, removes the discriminating attitude and the judgmental mindset. Both of you are exploring and discovering things about yourselves that may help one another.

Back then, I did have friends who share the same orientation as I am. We would often talk about our friends' recent exploits were - where he's been, who's been with him, and what they did. But in our talks, we don't go into details. It was just a bit awkward imagining your friend in certain positions, in certain actions. However, as a late bloomer and an eager learning, details are what I really needed and was looking forward in hearing. Therefore, since I couldn't go into details with my friends, I'll look elsewhere. I turned to the internet.

It was only in my third year in high school that our family acquired a desktop computer. I guess it was just in time since it became very handy whenever I had homeworks and projects that needed to be 'computerized.' I also became handy in my quest for self-discovery. I was past porn. Then, I was already setting my search on erotic stories from real persons which lead me to solotouch.com

Solotouch is a site for masturbation stories and techniques. Stories are sent by persons who wants to share their experiences. I love that the site caters to varies preferences: male solo, male-female, male-male, female solo, female-male, female-female.

As I have said, the stories in solotouch are masturbation stories only. No penetration of whatever sort. Which was good for me back then, because I wasn't that adventurous yet. I think I was just looking for jack off buddies then.

Anyway, I've been a fan of the site since then, and I have read almost every story they publish since then. It wasn't hard actually to read a number of stories in one sitting since most the stories are short. What interests me are the stories of bestfriends, brothers, strangers, and unexpected places.

If there's something I picked up in reading solotouch, it is that men naturally wants to jack-off - whether by himself, with an audience, or by someone else either by a man or a woman.

ed. because LJ asked how to navigate through the site, here it goes. When you get to the site, just click Enter Solotouch. Then on the left side, you'll see some links. I usually go to the Stories - stories coming from contributors. Then you'll see the latest stories submitted. To scan through the different stories by categories, just click By Category - so you can choose from Stories submitted by males: male solo, male to female, and male to male; and stories submitted by female: female solo; female to male, female to female.


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  4. haha. What a pretty interesting topic. Hmm... The site seems complicated, better give comments on how to navigate. lols

    1. madali lang. updated the posts with links for you :D