Summer Training (2)

(part 1 here)

Surely but still cautiously, I moved my hand down his crotch. Felt like his member was still dozzing off. But that didn't stop me from waking up the serpent. With each rub and squeeze, I felt his member grow. when it reached it's full size, all I could utter in my head was "sheeeeet!" Indeed, the rumors were true. he was completely and utterly endowed. It was the biggest cock I have ever held in my life. This is no exaggeration  It could pass as the porn level cock size. "shit! shit!" I kept shouting in my mind.

With out wasting any time, I continued pleasuring him with my pumps. For every subtle grunt and sigh, I knew he was enjoying it. However, it was difficult for me to sustain stroking him. You see, I was holding his cock using my left hand. But I am a rightie. The left hand didn't have the same endurance as the right. So I was frequently adjusting the rhythm and tempo of my strokes. Just as I could feel that he's already tensing up, there  goes my hand slowing down or getting out of rhythm.

It was one of the most awkward handjobs I had ever given. I could feel his frustration for every failed time for him to reach orgasm. when I guess he already got frustrated, he turned to the other side and stayed that way. I didn't try to follow his position because it would look like we're spooning. It was the first night of the summer training, I still had one more night to do it right.

All of us got up early the next day. We were told that we had a packed itinerary of adventures for that day. Surely it would be as tiring as yesterday's training. For the whole day, comrade and I didn't mention anything about last night nor did anybody notice the something happened between us the night before. We were both casual about it. I guess that's how teenagers in the closet handle those kinds of situations.

In the afternoon after an hour and a half of trekking, we reached a resort with a camping ground. A tent is given for every four training participant. So in our tent was me, Comrade and two more participants. I worried about how I could execute my devilish plan with two other people in the tent. Guess I just had. to be creative, right.

In the tent our position was comrade on the far left side, then me on his right, and the two other people in my right. I planned to let the other two sleep first before doing my dirty deed. However, my dead tired body gave in and I began to snooze off.

I only awaken when I felt my left hand was being held by comrade and moving it towards his body. I didn't know he was as eager as I am to finish what I started last night. He placed my hand directly to his now semi-hard monster of a cock.

I didn't waste any more time and started rubbing his cock through his shorts. He wasn't wearing any underwear that night; i guess because it was a hot evening. I just couldn't wait any longer. So as soon as I felt that he was rock hard I decided to pull his cock out of his shorts; of course as subtle as possible.

Since he was at my left side again, it was difficult for me to sustain the handjob rhythm and pace. I keep on stopping and re-positioning myself.

When he realized my struggle, he turned to his side and faced me. I followed what he did and turned to face him. Not only can I use my right hand now, we can also cover between us his cock so that our tent-mates wouldn't instantly see it.

Now using my right hand, I began to pump his cock. I started with gentle strokes trying to  familiarize his rod. then I picked up the pace trying to tug a little harder and faster. I could feel the tension building up in his cock. His body also started to tense up and just about the time he came he pulled my head towards his chest and hugged me real tight. His strong but quiet sigh told me that he already exploded.

I tried to feel where his cum landed on the tent floor. then I felt a puddle of goo between us. Immediately he pulled out his jacket and started wiping the cum off the floor.

We slept soundly that night. our tentmates didn't seem to wake up after our deed. They were still snoring that time. as for us, we played it casual the next day and had some occasional repeats every now and then.

here's one of those casual occasions hehe


  1. this is so lewd! haha! will there be a part 3?

    1. maraming parts e haha. already wrote about one of our encounters, added a link above.. hehe

  2. So it's really true what they say about lean people? Scary (O____O)" Lucky you, you found a playmate ☺

    1. i can't really generalize. but based on my experience, yeah, it's true.