I can't help it

I just had another massage from my suking massage clinic. The manager/owner greeted me as I went in. He told me that my usual masseurs was currently attending to a client so another masseur will be assigned to me. It was fine by me. When I saw the new masseur, he wasn't really 'new.' He already massaged me months ago before he left to go back to his province for a vacation.

I went inside the room, undressed, and lied on my stomach. Within minutes my massuer came in. He started with my back, then legs and arms. Sometime between the massage, he was falling asleep. I easily fall asleep whenever I get a massage or be able to relax. I am a very sleepy person. Anyway, I woke up when I heard a whisper saying to turn over. So I did. The massage continued. When he got to my thighs, I noticed that his hands and arms keep on brushing on my dick. I didn't mind it at first because I wasn't in the mood for that then. But when it became more frequent, I can help but get hard and of course be aroused. I honestly wanted just a massage but when junior stood in attention, it  was hard to resist.

So when the masseur told me that the massage wa over, I hesistated to give out an ok sign. Instead I just smiled at him and rubbed his back. I guess he may have understood it because he reached for my nipples and started rubbing them. Soon after, he reached down to my hard cock and began to pump it. With all the touching, rubbing, and brushing that happened earlier, it didn't take long for me to shoot. I came in ropes and ropes. When he finished, rather, when I finished, he wiped the cum off his hand and waved goodbye.

I felt really guilty then because I don't think he does that  very much often. Why? Because he doesn't give an excellent handjob. Yes, it was ok. But I had better. Plus what added to my guilt was the tip I gave him. Honestly, I'm kind of cheap. I just usually hand a masseur 100-bucks after a massage. But tonight, I handed my attendant 200-bucks. I know it's more than what I usually give out, but I think it's still not enough for what he did for me. What do you think?
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