I don't remember if I've written an inception story before but I had the weirdest (or hottest) inception dream the other night.

It was weird because it involves people from college that I haven't seen for quite awhile. So here's how the dream/s went.

I was sitting on a couch with, let's just call him, John. John is tall, dark, quiet, hairy, mysterious, and straight guy that I have always had a crush on since college. We were there talking with another college bud.  The conversation was vague. I don't exactly paid much attention to it because I was a bit distracted. I noticed that John was slightly leaning on my right arm where I was putting my body weight on.

Of course, I am far too familiar with those kinds of signals - brushing, touching, nudging, leaning - coming from straight guys. It's obvious that he was flirting. Being straight, he doesn't want to come of as gay by initiating flirting/sex. They tease you. And I, horny as heck (in my dream, coz it's been so long since my last sex. oh you don't know how hard it is living in a different land without sex or a boyfriend to call at night. well that's a different story) I took the bait.

Not attracting attention, I slid my hand in John's shirt, gliding my fingers on his back. I felt a slight twitch from him. Without him actually looking at me or trying to stop me, I got my approval. continued to rub my hand slowly through his back, teasing ever so lightly his butt crack and cheeks.  The I realized that the dream was a sleepover. So we went to our respective beds.

Here's where it becomes vague. Im not sure what happened in between but we ended up on separate adjacent beds. At that point I got frustrated, I thought he wanted to get freaky (do people still say that?!). I got up my bed and crawled to his. I laid beside him, slid my body in his blanket and inched my way closer to him. (Come to think of it, I guess my mind was recreating a scene from when I had my first night sleeping with a certain blogger/tweep. Going back...)

Just when I was about to go down on his hairy bodeh, I awaken. I awaken thinking what a weird dream that was. They say that your mind tells you things through your dreams, and I thought my mind was telling me to get laid, or I was so tigang na. (pardon the taglish). I went out that day, still thinking about the dream, went about my daily life. At the end of the day, I met up with a college girl friend who had a crush/love for John. I told her about my dream and we were both laughing hard while drinking our cosmos. At that point I realized I was still dreaming because that girl friend was in the other end of the country. That's when I finally awaken.

I got up from bed, which I only sleep on during weekends, and pull out my totem to make sure I was not dreaming anymore. That's when I messaged my girl friend.

"Girl, I just had the weirdest inception dream. It involved you, me and John. Pero bastos."

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