A Walk to Equanimity Spa

I was just feeling really tired that day. There was all sort of stress that came my way that week - coming from deadlines from school and from the chaos in the family. All I want was just to have a relaxing massage since it has been a week since my last one. It was just fitting to reward myself with a good old rub down to ease tension from my body and my mind.

So that night, I decided that I would get a massage no matter what. The bus I rode from school dropped me off at Kamuning Road. I decided not to go to my suking massage place because the new attendants there were young and very much inexperienced, as far as massage technique is concerned. That night I wanted quality massage really worth paying money for.

In Kamuning, I remember passing-by a number of spa before. So I walked the street from EDSA to scout the area and look for a good massage place. The first spa that I passed-by had a black brand (which name I could not remember). It seemed nice but the feeling I had made me walk a little further. Next one I saw was Rustic Spa which really looked legit from outside. I made up my mind that if there are no other spa's after that, I go back here. As I walked further I saw a sign "equanimity spa." It seemed like it was a private place since the parking space was covered by a curtain. I thought that the spa may be high-end.

Since I was already tired from walking, I decided to try out the place. As I approached the door, I saw a man peeing on the plant box. He turned to me when he noticed my presence. I asked if they are open, he said that they were. He then finished himself off and lead me to the door. What I saw next really surprised me.

There were a bunch of men, hunky men lounging at the sofa, all topless. When they saw me, they all stood up and scoured to their room just across the hall. I heard them all call their manager, saying that there is a client. I just froze there, just standing, thinking if I should stay or run out the door. I wasn't prepared for this, I thought. As I stood there, the topless men scouted me, looking at me from head to toe. At that point, I felt somehow excited but still scared.

The manager welcomed me and asked me to take a seat while he calls in the available masseurs for me to meet. He closed the sliding door first and sat beside me. He gave out the cue for his guys to enter. One by one the masseurs introduced themselves. Honestly, I wasn't paying attention to their names nor to the hand shakes. I just froze again seeing their bodies all chiseled up and so delicious. Can I have all of them, I shouted in my mind. Then the manager (who is as toned as his guys) asked me who I picked. I just stared at him for about 10 seconds. I was really bad in remembering names. So I just told him, I pick the first guy I met, the only name I remember.

The masseur then led me up to my room. As I walked up the stairs, I noticed the other masseurs eyeballing me. I guess they are wondering if I would be a generous tip-giver or not. At the room, I was still anxious as before mainly because I don't want to get arrested in case there is a raid.

Stripped to just my boxers, I waited for my masseur to return. The door opened with my masseur just wearing a brief. Again, I froze looking at his washboard abs and toned lean muscle. It was my lucky day, I exclaimed in my mind. Never in reality can I hook up with hot guy like him. So he then asked me to lay on my stomach so we could start. I gave him permission to remove my boxers when he asked me to.

The massage was great. His strokes was strong and firm yet still gentle. I could just almost sleep there if not for his accidental or intentional nudge to my balls. That got me wide awake and excited. However, I guess the anxiety got to the best of me because I didn't get an erection despite his sensual passes to my perineum and balls. He then asked me to turn facing him. Still limp and soft, he continued his massage. He finished my arms first before going to my legs. I was really glad that he was a good masseur. When he was done, he asked me if we shall proceed to the extra service. Hesistant, I asked the price. He replied that the minimum is 1500Php. Reluctantly, since the money had was for some an important matter, I agreed to the price.

I just have to say that he was really good in caressing and romancing. His lips was soft and his body was really to die for. After sometime, I told him to just stop and relax for a while. My mind was not really psyched for the intense sexual encounter, I just after a good massage. So I just had him beside me hugging me. I guess my trip was just to have someone beside me, someone to talk to. Though I was boring client, he was still polite and continued to caress me. Until the end of the hour, we were just on each other's arms and talking.

I know I didn't get my money's worth (600Php for the massaage + 1500Php for the supposed ES), I know I wouldn't even gain a friend, but I was feeling generous that day. That's why I didn't regret any of it. It was the experience that I gained and the lessons that I learned that lingered until now.

I would like to go back there soon, hopefully all jacked up and armed ready for some action. Maybe I would force myself to remember names so I pick another hot guy.

So how's Equanimity experience?

Update (10/15/12): I passed through Kamias recently and found that Equanimity Spa has now been replaced by Homme Spa. I dunno if they're one and the same, or if the masseurs are the same.

Update (10/19/12): Oh, and the last time I remember, the masseur that attended to my needs transferred to Lucky Charm Spa, in Kamias.
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