Summer Training


We just came from a back-breaking, knee-shattering training. Alright, I'm just exaggerating  But it was really a tiring day full of drills and exercises. It was summer then and the heat didn't help in making our life easier that day.

After dinner, we got settled in our bunk beds. All the double-deckers was filed side-by-side to accommodate more people. And since we were all guys there, there were no qualms in sleeping together.

I decided to sleep on the top bed with another comrade. I never liked being in the bottom... bed, I mean. And yeah, in bed *wink*. As I was saying. I was on the top bed with someone in our team. He was on my left. On my right was someone from the other team, so never mind him.

Going back to the story. I was always been curious with this teammate of mine. He was lean and slightly taller than me. Stories went around that he was gifted. He was even called Jake the Snake. And you know what they say about lean men: the leaner they are, the bigger and fatter their thing is. So I just had to prove that theory and feel for myself.

Hours after lights-out, for some weird force I cannot explain, I woke up. As soon as I opened my eyes, I surveyed the area without making any big movements. There may be patrol guards lurking inside the room that's why I had to double check and triple check the scene.

After I was sure that the coast is clear, I nervously proceeded with my dark plan - get a hold of that snake inside my team mate's pants. It was very convenient that time for my lurking hand to travel from my side to his since we were sharing  a big white blanket. I just had to be careful with my movements as to not make it too obvious from outside.

My heart was pounding as my hand approached his body. I was a bit shaky and my fingers were moving back and forth every time I hear some sign of wakefulness. And suddenly, touch down. My  fingers landed on his torso. Slowly, my fingers explored the land; they brushed through his skin and to his garter. I listened closely for any sign of disapproval so that I can immediately abort my attempt to take advantage of him. His slight grunt made me turn my head towards him. The bastard was smiling. He was awake and he seemed to enjoy it. So there's no other way but to proceed. It seems like I had his approval after all.

To be continued...

photo from here.
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