Circling the Planet


I decided to make a planetromeo account when I was still abroad. I was so bored that I wanted to meet someone from the area. But after days of scanning and looking through profiles, it seems that there was no one registered in my area. So I just decided to look for possible friends in the Philippines.

In looking through profiles and deciding who to send a message to, I've noticed the process how I do my selections. First, I'll search people within the city who is currently online and with profile picture. Then I'll choose. When I go about the profiles, I feel like I'm sort of a Goldilocks. I'll go,"too cute," "too hot," "too muscled,"too gorgeous," or "too great smile." In the end, I go for average joes and people that I think wouldn't be prejudicetic nor judgemental. 


  1. i usually chat with guys who have something absurd or decent written on their profile.

    Yung mga profiles with photos...well, it's like browsing thru a magazine, they're like those campaign ads for the latest jeans, parfum or undergarment.

    I still enjoy a good read.

  2. @victor: hehe, sometimes, I just go to PR to look at hot bodies like in a magazine.

  3. HAHA!
    Yes, pwede ring magazine!
    Or porn. haha!