What 2012 taught me..

Yesterday night, my friends and I went out for dinner. During our talk a friend suggested to share our year-end evaluations. Since I've already blogged about how my year went, I was quick to answer his question. His next topic was to complete the statement: 2012 taught me to....

I haven't really thought of the lessons or general theme of the closing year so I got to think about my answer. And here's what I shared.

"2012 taught me to just keep on trying. Maybe I'll succeed, maybe I won't. No matter what the outcome may be, what's important is that I have tried that I have exerted effort to reach my dream. Even though I take things a day at a time, not really making long term plans, I still have goals for whatever opportunities and I would make every step to take advantage of that chance. I believe that it's better to have tried (in love, in career, and in life) than to regret not trying at all."

So that's it. And with this, I end my 2012 with my 100th post for the year. Here's to a hundred more next year!

Friends, I'd love for you to share what 2012 taught you.. :) Cheers to us!


  1. pang Miss U ang sagot!

    2012 has taught me to become stronger...

    and to cherish, and value life more..


  2. this post reminded me to have my own reflection on things I learned this year...

    maganda naman ang iyong natutunan dahil through trying, what matters is we learn regardless of the results... keep it up...

    ako siguro what I learned is to listen more....

    pareho naman ng outcome, we learn...

    happy holidays!

  3. Sakto year end post mo pang 100th post :)

    Tama ka, it's better to have tried than not trying.

    Happy New Year! More post in 2013

  4. hmm...made me think of my 2012....


  5. Healthworker: salamat ser! snap-snaps for life! :D

    Senyor: snaps for senyor! hehe

    Archie: di mo kinumpleto yung statement... 2012 taught me to...

    Victor: walang natutunan? ayaw mo lang mag-share hehe

  6. at the end of the day ... u did ur best diba .... goodluck to us sa 2013!@

  7. yiz. Do your best and forget the rest, sabi nga ni Tony Horton. Kaw rin! lovelovelove :D

  8. 2012 taught me to keep my loved ones close, and to keep in touch when we're apart. The end of the world scare taught me to appreciate my loved ones above all.

  9. that's a great lesson from 2012 :) happy new year hustin! :)

  10. 2012 saw me getting to know myself more. dami natuklasan. taught me to take things in stride din, i tend to overdo things kasi. all in all 2012 was relatively harder for me, pero dami ko natutunan. i have no regrets, and thankful din as well.

    a happy and better new year sa'yo hustin. :)

  11. Glen: That one's nice. Happy New Year Sir!

    Zai: Happy New Year din!!

    JM: ang importante naman talaga e yung wag nating makalimutan ang mga natutunan natin. Happy new year din sa'yo!

  12. Im looking forward sa maraming maraming post mo! : )

  13. pang Miss U ang sagot! hahaha

    ako my 2012 taught me to be: very very very patient!


  14. Dario: wow Thanks! And Im looking forward to meeting you naman :D

    Mac: hala pinapraktis mo ba yan, mukhang di naman. joke. hehehe

  15. baka late na ako.. pero this made me think on what 2012 has taught me.. i guess, to take chances and stand for what you believe in.. lagi naman un ang maririnig natin, but still, it's the way of life na dapat mong sundin to know kung tama ka ba or mali which can result to improvement, for yourself and for others.. pak!

    saka pala meron pa,, ung choose your battles and choose when to stop..