Back again


I was the first one to arrive to his house. It was a familiar feeling being back there. It was even more familiar when we hugged. We hugged for a while before letting go. He toured me around his flat. It was huge. I was proud of him. I was proud of what he became.

We went to the living to room to chat. I sat beside him. There was no awkwardness, nothing that will tell you that it's been more than year since we last saw each other. I snuggle beside him. I scooted closer to him and laid my head on his chest. I felt no resistance.

We were still talking about our daily lives when he stood, took my hand and led me to one of the two bedrooms. We laid down and this time we were full blown cuddling. It was just like before, just like when we started to become close and leveled up our friendship. I thought it was nice for him to let us relive what we had before. I thought nothing of it. I thought we were just being sweet and nothing will happen.

I was caressing his chest, running my fingers around his nipples to his belly button. I kissed his neck to his chin to his chest. He offered no signs of resistance so I went on. All this happened while we were still talking about our lives.

I mustered up some courage and ran my fingers from his body to his legs then his crotch. I saw him winced, grinned and smiled. We did this for a while, not breaking our conversation. "Are you alright with this?" I asked. He just nodded.

I guess the pressure was building up when he sat up, and said "Let's do this before they arrive. You want to do this, right?"

Surprised but a little excited, I sheepishly said, "yes, of course."

He then laid me down and undressed me, pulled out my shorts and brief. He started to go down on me which surprised me more because as I remember it, he doesn't want to give head, he wants to fuck.

Feeling almost exploding, I pulled him up and push him to the bed. It's your turn, I told him. I began kissing him on his lips and his face. I went down to his neck to his chest. Lingered for a while at his nipples - biting, licking and sucking it. Finally, went down on him.

I was surprised when he got up and pulled me to the bathroom. He turned the shower on and knelt down to suck me. It was electric. I guess he was trying to hurry when he said, "Let's cum, they might arrive any moment." I pulled him up and went down on him. He asked, "Where do you want it?" I pointed to my chest. He pulled out his dick  and jacked off to explode on my chest.

We cleaned up and laid back down to bed until our friends arrive.

*This is one of the many sexual encounters I had while I was back in the homeland early this year.

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