Moms Know (Most of them)

I remember a discussion in twitter about mom confronting her son as being gay. Most moms know it even before their sons tell them. Some even know that their sons are gay even before their sons know it. It's mothers' intuition. They say mothers are the first ones to know but last to confirm or confront their gay sons.

My mom is apparently not one of those moms.I guess she's one of the naive ones - those who can't keep with the times, those who were born yesterday.

How can I say this? Well there were a lot of times where I thought that my mom still believes that to be gay is to be cross-dressing, effeminate, or flamboyant.

One time she asked me if one of my cousins is gay. I'm not one who tells on a sister. So I just returned with a question, probing why she thought so. She told me that her sister (my cousin's mother) suspects that her son is gay. I don't know, I answered her. Siguro malambot lang talaga siya, I added. And I guess she believes  me.

Another time, there was a pair of guys inquiring about investing on real estate property. The moment I saw the two of them, I already knew they're gay. I also suspect that they were a couple. Apparently, they're each planning to invest on a lot before going back to Saudi to work as gym instructors. Mom's agent came to us telling the pair's story. He added that one of them was gay because of how he looked at him. When the agent went back to the pair, my mom turned to me and said, bakla daw?! paano naman niya nasabing bakla yun, e ang lalaki ng katawan nila. I just told mom that I also think so because one of them was eyeing me out.

And the last one came from a conversation I had with my sister. She told me that mom is excited for another grandchild but she's not expecting it to come from me. Seems like my mom doesn't see me as one who could bring a life into this world, not because she thinks I'm gay but because she thinks I don't have a lustful bone in my body. She thinks I'll die a virgin. She has no idea.

Most moms really do know things that go on with their children even before they could confess it to them. But out of love and respect, they just let their children be happy for who and what they are.


  1. Bless your mom she's so innocent hehe. Sorry ngayon lang nakacomment. Natatakot akong buksan sa office ang blog mo kasi may adult warning. Pag nasa bahay naman ako nakakalimutan ko lagi...

  2. hahaha well, my mom knew the "newer breed" but with me, oh well, like i said, "if they ask 'll educate them, if they don't then let them figure it out ☺

  3. We have the same moms. The ones who blindly denies our sexuality...

    It can be quite difficult, but you know, time can only tell.

  4. Diba sabi sa American Beauty, denial is the strongest power in the world. I share similar sentiments with my own parents but I'd like to think it's their subconscious mind respecting their only son. :)

  5. i have a different view about ur mom. i think she knows and asking u questions like that is one way of getting ur views of the said topic or issue. she's weighing how tolerant and opend-minded u are. u said it urself, "They say mothers are the first ones to know but last to confirm or confront their gay sons." hence ur mom is simply assessing ur thoughts. that's her way of confirming ur sexuality. if ur mom respects and loves u, she would never confront u with this. she would wait.

    just my two cents. :)

  6. @glentot: aysus. template ang sorry. haha salamat sa pagbisita :)

    @bri: baka ganun nga din si mama.

    @guyrony: oo nga, play dumb muna sila. letting us spread our wings. hehe

    @citybuoy: true, malaki respeto at tiwala nila sa atin kaya hinahayaan na lang tayo

    @trip: you're right. maybe she does know. :)

    @kulapitot: hahaha bleh :P

  7. Try dropping the bomb on'd be surprise.