Race Time


Even before fun runs and marathons became a hit in this generation, our school had already been organizing races annually. One night, being part of the boyscout family, we were tasked to become marshals for the annual fun run. We were asked to stay overnight at school to prepare all the things needed for the race - water in plastics, straw markers, route markers, stage and other things.

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you'll have a good idea what went on during our overnight stay. So here it goes.

After all materials have been prepared and tasks for the race were already delegated, it was time to hit the sack. However at that time, we were not equipped with sleeping bags nor tents. So we settled with sleeping on top of disassembled pingpong tables on top of a dirty, muddy floor. There were around 7 or 8 of us squeezing in on two adjacent tables. I was next to a higher classman near the edge.

This upper classman is a jovial person. There's not a bad bone in his body. He's always game and he's always kidding around. That made me like him.

I had a hard time sleeping since it was a humid night without any electric fan plus we were packed like sardines on those tables. After sleeping for a short time, I woke up. I just stared through the dark court were we stayed with little light coming from outside. Suddenly, my curiosity kicked in. I had a lot of those when I was in puberty. Penis envy perhaps? Anyway, since I've had several encounters with one of my 'brothers' in the club since summer training, I was kind of bold enough to push with another one.

Upper classman was sound asleep. He was snoring with his mouth slightly opened. Actually, all the people inside the room were sleeping based on the loud snores they make. I mustered up all my courage and proceeded with my plan. I turned to my side and faced him. My left hand started to linger on his body. Inch by inch my fingers walked until they reached his crotch area. I was cautious as to not wake him up and planned a quick retreat if he did. Fortunately, he stayed asleep.

Feeling around his pants, I finally recognized his now growing member. Fudge! I exclaimed in my mind. Lean guys do have the largest dicks. His was just as big and just as thick as the one from one of my post. I started to squeeze and rub his dick through his pants. He was already in his camouflage uniform that night.

I wasn't really contented. I wanted to feel his hard on. I needed get my hands inside hi pants.

I knew I wouldn't be able to do it with my left hand so I turned and lied on my back. With my right hand I reached down into his pants. He wasn't wearing any belt and his underwear's garter was fairly loose that's why my hand was able to get in easily. Inside, my hand played with his tool. Hard, thick and long. I wanted to let the monster out but I got too scared. I wanted to jack it off but I might risk being caught by someone outside. All this happened with my eyes fully closed or slightly opened.

Time seemed to stop while I was playing with his member. I didn't care how long it took if he does ejaculate with my strokes. He was already precumming based on his tool's wet head. When I just can't resist it, I tried to unhook the button of his pants and unzip it too. However, upperclassman's hand stopped me from doing so. I froze.

I thought he'll be furious or make a scene. But slowly, he got my hand out from his pants and just tapped it twice as if saying, you naughty boy. I looked at him with the little light that shone outside. He was just smiling as if he approved what had happened. He placed my hand on top of my body and he turned to his side, away from me.

Everything was back to normal when all of us woke up the next morning. The race went on smoothly and nobody suspected a thing.

Upperclassman confronted me later about what happened. He told me he wasn't able to sleep properly since I was playing with his member. I just told him I wasn't able to resist. It was just too big to pass out. Though nothing followed after, we were still cool ever since.

At present, upperclassman is happily married. We still communicate every now and then since we share the love for the outdoors.


  1. Wahahaha rule of the thumb (or the shall we say, the hand? LOL) I learned when I was on my early adolescence, once the tool starts to get hard or is hard they are awake, now what happens next boils down to the one pretending to be asleep hehehe ☺