Where do I begin?

I've been pondering for hours now (days now, actually, since I've been meaning to write since Tuesday night) on how I would like to begin this series of blog posts from my holiday. There have been a lot of emotions and experiences that I wanted to share with you and to my future self, but I didn't want to make it too emotional nor dramatic.

At first, before all of these happened, I was just planning to write and share the possible sexcapades that would happen in my trip. - you know, like I always do. Also as I mentioned in my last post, I got to schedule a date meet-up with my last ex which was already big by itself. That meet-up also had a follow-up. I didn't have any expectation in our meeting but I guess it helped me in finally moving on from that break up.

So now, where would I begin. I'll probably start from the last, the most recent one. I would like to share  with you where I am right now and how I am dealing. It has been a struggle to be honest on how I would approach this. But I guess everything is simmering down and the effect of Pisces is slowly dissipating, so I'm now more shall I say, logical and clear-headed, and probably more accepting of the outcome.

So there, lastly, I just wanted to share that when I came back here, I didn't feel the same feeling of home I had in the Philippines. I thought as soon as I'd step foot in my apartment, I'd feel relieved. I didn't. I felt like, oh shit, I'm here again. Oh well, this is the life I chose. So, I guess I should just learn to love it all over again. 

See you folks again. 


  1. Remember this is your world. You can write anything and everything to your heart's content.

    This blog is your oyster.

    1. haha Salamat. I had to google what you meant about this blogging being my oyster. haha will be reading and writing a lot now hehe see you in your oyster. :D

  2. Replies
    1. wait lang ha. mejo tinamid at nabusy lang saglit

    2. Mahirap mabitin. Kasi naman, yung blog post mo, bitin. We demand a continuation. Hahahaha!

    3. LOL. Wala naming "we" ikaw na lang nagbabasa ng blog ko :P