Stranger stop

I just had a relaxing massage from my usual massage place in the neighborhood. Since it's cool this night and I haven't had any exercise this week, I decided to walk home. A just a few meters of walking, I stopped. I was pondering if I should ride a jeepney or continue to walk home. So while I was thinking, I saw a man in the same sidewalk I was standing in. He was looking at me. At first, I got scared. But later on, I realize what he wanted. And so, I went along with his staring game to confirm my thoughts.

After a few minutes of looking back and forth with the guy, he crossed the street and moved to a shaded area. He sat, stood, and touched his crotch a couple of times. That's the confirmation I was waiting for. To be honest, I haven't done this before. I haven't walked up to a stranger thinking about having sex. I noticed myself shaking as I drank the last drop of fruit drink I bought from the convenience store. And with all my might and courage, I approached the guy.

The guy wasn't handsome. He's just average looking with a bulge in his stomach which seemed to be beer belly accumulated throughout the years. Then we made small talk. Since none of us has an available place to go, he suggested for us to do it there by the corner of the shade. I strongly declined. I for one never dreamt of being arrested for lewd conduct or public scandal. But the hornier side of me gave in. I stood by the corner of the waiting shed as if I was peeing. Here comes the guy who sat near me. He reached for my rod, tugged it once or twice and put it in his mouth. He began to suck my it. The pleasure of being sucked, the adrenaline rush, and the risk of being caught all added up to the satisfaction of that lusty scene.

The stranger released my rod and motioned me to move to a small street. He took me to another corner and like before he instructed me to act like I was peeing in the corner. As I positioned myself in the corner, taking out my wood from my shorts, the guy sat down and aimed his head to it. As soon as he was in place he again took my rod and sucked it. It was so pleasurable that only within minutes I felt like reaching the summit. I told him that I was about to cum. But he didn't stop. So when I can't hold it much longer, I let out a slight moan along with the ooze of my hot man juice.

As soon as it was over, he stood up. We shook hands. And we went our separate ways. This was the first time I have ever been this bold. I think I wouldn't be doing it again for a long time... unless the guy is super hot.