Closet: In here, we are safe


While browsing through YouTube's full length animated Marvel movies, I stumbled upon a short film entitled 'Closet.' By just looking at the title and thumbnail, I instantly knew what the story was all about. And I was right. It was a story of boy living the life of a closeted gay. Quite ordinary, actually. A lot of movies have already portrayed this kind of story line. But this film had a different way of attacking it. The boy was literally hiding his secret life in his closet.

"In here, we are safe..."

It was one of the subtitles in the movie. It stuck in my mind because personally, it think it is the main reason why gaymen stay inside their closets - they feel safe. And for me, it holds true. I feel that living in the closet guards me from ridicule, embarrassment, prejudice, and other ill feelings. In my closet, I am safe.

I love how the movie portrayed the closet as the character's sanctum. Inside his closet, he was free. He can be whoever he wants to be. And of course, his closet became witness to his hardships, problems, and worries of living a double life.

I remember how when I was a kid, I would usually hide inside my (walk-in) closet [pangarap lang.] whenever I wanted to be alone or when I wanted to just cry. It served as my venue to let out steam and to escape from all the bad people, and the bad things that came my way. My closet became my me-time-me-place for so long until I was grew big enough not to fit inside it.

I believe that hiding inside the closet is not a show of cowardice. There is no harm in having your own place of retreat, your own corner of the world. But there would be a time where you should find a way to release yourself from the comfort of your sanctuary and express out loud and proud who you really are.

But as for now, I'm comfortable in my own little corner, in my own closet. 


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  2. Everybody have their own reason for hiding inside their closet, and i respect them, its not easy coming all depends on the situation they are in...