It was a missed call.
I didn't know the number but it looked familiar.
I wasn't sure who the number belongs to so I sent a message.
~Sori I missed your call. Who's this?
My phone rang. It was the unknown number. I answered.
~Hello. Sino to?
>Sino to? Bakit ka nagtetext sa akin?!
~Huh? Sorry, di nakaregister number mo sa phone ko. Anong message?
>Nagse-send ka ng text sa akin e.
Sensing the conversation was senseless, I hung up.
The voice wasn't familiar. It was deep.
I don't think it's someone I know.
But his mobile number rings a bell.
Maybe it was him, I thought -the number I deleted from my contacts list months ago.
Feeling guilty for hanging up and somewhat wishing it was him, I sent a message.
~Sori dude binabaan kita. baka hindi ako yung nagtext. check mo na lang yung number.
My phone rang again. This time another unknown number.
~Hello! sino to?
>Sino ka? bakit ka nagtetext sa kapatid ko?
~Ano bang text yun?
>Baka nagkamali ka lang ng text?
It was his sister? But person I used to know didn't have a sister.
So it definitely wasn't him.
I looked at the number again, wondered why it was very familiar.
Searched for my own number in my contacts list.
Lo and behold, the first 9 digits of our mobile numbers are the same.
That's why it was familiar.
So much for wishing it was him - trying to reconnect or something.
Oh, hang-ups.


  1. Hang-ups...

    They're as bad as hangovers.

    But they linger longer.