Out of curiosity


Honest question. or like a survey.

If a blogger's niche is his sexual encounters, fantasy, romance and sexuality, is there a perception that he's easy to get? 

Take this blog for example. It's almost all about sex. Do you, as a reader, someone who has not met me personally [yet] (or for those who have, your first impression of me), think that I would sleep with just about anyone?

So you'd know, I'm not fishing for compliments or anything. Say whatever, you want to say. I don't actually even mind what other people think. I am just honestly curious if there's such a inkling.

Just wondering.



  1. No. Palagay ko hindi ka papatol kung kanikanino. Although warning ang blog sa magiging partner mo na may chance na mabroadcast ang karanasan niyo together sa blog. Yan ang aking unfiltered thoughts :)))

  2. I honestly don't see your blog as erotica. :)

  3. not really... no...

    it depends on the perspective of the reader.

  4. It just means how you enjoy narrating what you have encountered: escapades from men to men, the thrill of the deed. Not because you are easy to get. Not at all.

  5. i would rather not post any comment relative thereto

    but i am wishing you all the best of luck for the coming days..
    my prayers are for you.. :)

  6. For me, hindi naman. I don't think na easy to get ang isang blogger na puro sexual encounter stories ang laman ng blog niya, pero I do think na malibog siya. *hehe*

  7. No not at all :) But privacy is lost... Just like me and my partner it was an issue for us before but I eventually gave in to his request and not give out too much

  8. Depends on the stories he shares. If he tells about meeting someone in the jeep, then they made eye contact then did the nasty na, aba mahirap isipin na conservative sya :)