Ready or not.


So this is it. The one that I've been focusing my attention and neurons on for the past months. This is the reason why I seldom blog, why I temporarily closed down my [landi] twitter account, why I blocked out certain people in my life. This is it.

So much is at stake. So many lives are relying on the its success. I am about to face the greatest challenge in my adult life.

I do pray for a great outcome, not just for my sake but for all who are counting on me. Not only will I benefit from this but everyone around me.

It's a great deal of pressure. Not like any other that I have experienced. Too much on my shoulder. But I am willing to carry this. I know that if this was given to me, I must have what it takes to accomplish it.

I just do hope and pray for a good result.


  1. sabi nga nila, kung gusto maging matagumpay sa buhay gawin mo kung anu ang sa tingin mo ang tama at nararapat, di lamang yun timbangin mo din ang iyong sarili kung kaya mo ba itong gawin at pag-igihan..

  2. Mamon, ayaw ko ng dumagdag sa pressure, so celebrate tayo pagbalik mo! Kahit ano pang outcome niyan, dapat magdiwang kasi tapos na. :)

  3. Either you're leaving…or you're about to take your Revalida.

    Good luck!
    Oh and you'd be fine.