Kalabit (Poke)

"Natutulog na siya eh," I typed. I was pertaining to our mutual friend (MF) lying beside me.

"Kalabitin mo lang magigising yan. hehe," he replied. I thought he meant for me to poke him to wake our friend up.

"haha sorry gabi na kasi e," he added. Then I realized he wasn't just talking about a poke.


We were three lying side by side on the bed. I was on the right, MF in the middle, and a girl friend on the left side of the bed.

The phrase "kalabitin mo lang" lingered in my head as we are about to sleep. I was feeling lonely and alone being in a foreign land for about a month that I just wanted someone to cuddle with. Yes, boys and girls, I just wanted to cuddle.

I've had a lot of experience on making advances on guys while sleeping. Highschool made me a pro at that.

So, when I was sure that the coast was clear, and the girl on left side was facing the other way, I made my move.

Pretending to be asleep, I turned to my left to face MF and hugged him under the blanket. I felt him nudge a bit sensing he awoke. He made a sign of approval as he placed his arm over mine.

The night went on with us hugging or just holding hands. Neither one us spoke nor looked at each other. I guess we just had the same yearning to hold somebody (or maybe it was just me).

Morning came and we had to get up and get going. Our girl friend got into the shower first. As soon as I heard the water run, I hugged MF tightly.

When I sat beside him on the bed, he held my hand and led it to his crotch. At that point I knew what he wanted me to do.

He pulled his dick out and I started to jack him off. I could see in his face that he wanted to groan but was forced hold it in.

I continued pumping his dick until we heard the shower stopped. As soon as we heard the shower door open, he quickly hid his dick back into his shorts. We both played it cool while waiting for our friend to come out of the bathroom.

Since I had some business to attend to that morning, I had to take MF to the nearest MRT station. We weren't able to finish what we started mainly because I became too busy for the rest of our stay in his country.

Needless to say, that experience took some of the heat off my body for another month of solitude and dry spell.


  1. Smooth criminal ang dapat na background music haha

    1. wow sa picture ah. pogee!

      haha super bass ang nasa isip ko nun eh, like, "Can't you hear that boom, badoom, boom, boom, badoom, boom, bass?" hehe

    2. Nagpapakafit na din ako... Hnd na kasi ako attractive haha

    3. sinong nagsabing hindi ka fit at attractive?! upakan ko yun.

    4. Ayun my bodyguard na ako :) haha

  2. I initially thought a girl was involved in this entry reading the title as "Kalabit pokE". Then as I was reading halfway, "it could be 'poke' as in 'sundot'" - thinking you're gonna spoon MF, which I thought would have been hotter.

    Then in the end it's nothing but a poke at a horny thought bubble.

    1. I just poked into my curiosity to find out the limits of what MF and I could do hehe

  3. Una kong tingin dun sa title is 'Kalabit Puke'. Napamulat ako bigla. Then, ayun, naduling pala ako. *hahahahahaha!*