People come and go. There are some who stay and some just drift away.
But what's sad and sometimes annoying are those who choose to leave. 
Most of them leave out of jealousy or envy, anger, hurt, or pride.

But what's worst are those who choose to leave despite us reaching out to them.
What we can do is just let them go and hope good things for them.

I have my fair share of leaving and being left behind.
What makes me move forward and not look back are those who are willing to stay by side, 
inspire me in everything I do, and are proud and grateful to have me in their lives.
That makes me care less of the people who go and more of the people who depend on me.


  1. People come and go. That's true. Life goes on. ;)

  2. Most of them leave out of jealousy or envy, anger, hurt, or pride...

    the deadly sins, human's fatal flaw. Tell me about it...

  3. baka napadaan lang sila sa buhay natin kaya aalis din. :D

    look for those na will decide to stay and cherish them :D

  4. I truly believe in the saying: "Don't feel sad when someone left you cause it only means that someone better is yet to come".

  5. @Angelo: that's absolutely right! :)

    @SilverWingX: It may be our flaw, but we have free will. just saying...

    @Khanto: It's not a matter of who will leave but rather more of how and why they leave.

    @AnonBeki: hehe. Welcome Ineng! :)