Chances gone

After feeling good this morning, I hoped I could make it more fun for the rest of the day. *wink*


In the comfort room at EDSA Shrine. I know, I'm going to burn in hell. It was suppose to be just a normal call of nature. But when a guy came in and stared at me then my package, it became quite interesting. The exhiliration and excitement came in. We would have passed the "look" stage if not for an old guy who stood outside of the door waiting to use the toilet next. I stood outside thinking the guy I saw in the comfort room will follow. He did. We made small talk only to find out he was waiting for someone. So, I decided to abort the mission. Plus, it started to rain.


In the Robison's Galleria Moviehouse. Classic, right? The ones at the mezzaine of the moviehouse. Going in and out of the comfort room. Eyeballing some guys near my seat. Still resulted to nothing. Just some smiles and some nods. I just don't know the mechanics of that game. should I make the first move? Or should I just wait for someone to grab my dick? LOL.


Third one's the charm, right? Not really. In the locker room at Marikina Sports Complex. As I entered the locker room to change to my running attire, I immediately saw a guy eyeballing the place and everyone who was changing. He seemed to be finished with his workout and was about to hit the showers. While I was changing my clothes, I saw him slowly walk towards the shower cubicle. I sat down the bench to put on my shoes when I unconsciously looked at the direction of the shower rooms where the guy was bathing. The door seemed to be open. I wasn't sure. Then out of the door peeks the guy with just a towel on, staring at me with an inviting look. I just smiled at him. Then he went back in the cubicle not really bothering to close the door. I was already in my running gear, so I just passed. Plus there were people already coming in. So it would be strange for someone who just changed to go to the showers.

So, now at home with this tingling feeling in my loins. It's just one of those days that I wish I could go home to someone's arms and body. :)


  1. I did encounter #2 in RoB Manila...and I laughed at it. I completely forgot about those stuff that particular night, i simply wanted to enjoy a movie by myself. Decided to seat at the farthest row, there were these guys in the dark who kept moving about, changing seats and kept looking around. distracting bums. yun pala, they're on a prowl. at the end of the movie they were lined along the exit, giving me suggestive smiles and nods. I looked at them one by one and laughed my way out. :P

    I should have taken a hint when the ticket lady said "Sir, mag-isa lang? with a sly smirk on her face.

  2. victor, so it doesn't only happen in rob gale. hehe. that seem to be their style, some will stand, some would seat near the exit, and the brave ones just stand near the comfort room. It seems like the staff know what happens in their cinemas. in gale, even the ticket guy was on a prowl or was looking for some action. :D