No, it's not about passing away or losing life, but rather, about moving on. These past weeks, alot of the people around me are going away. To different countries or different places here in the Philippines. Some went away temporarily. Some may take a long time to get back. There are those who found jobs,  and there are also those who just wanted to relax.

The person who I consider to be almost my boyfriend (we don't talk about our status 'coz we're just having fun) is going away to Mindanao for two months due to his work. I on the other hand will be flying in to a different country for a month. So tonight we spent our last night together.

There was an intense expression of passion from the both of us since we've seen each other for 3 weeks now. And now that we will part for a long time, I felt like I needed to give him a going away present. I decided to let him enter me from behind. I have never experienced such before but at the that moment, it seemed that it was the next thing to do. I felt like he did wanted to, I assured him that I wanted it too. But later he siad that he doesn't want to see me hurt. At that point I think I fell in love with him. He was so respectful of my feelings. He can be rough and soft at will. That's what I love about him. Well, aside from giving me the stiffest hard-on, of course. He's loving and adorable. Lagi kaming nanggigigil sa isa't isa.

So, now that we are both moving on, temporarily, I would the best time to rethink about our situation. Are we still going to live our lives by the day? Or we going to commit ourselves to each other? The most important question there is, am I ready to commit my life to a single person? It hard to think using two heads. You feel me?

So I hope the new climate and environment with rejuvinate my senses, recharge my energy, and reboot my perspective on all aspects of my life.