Call of the night


When I came home, I hurried to take a shower. Scenes from what just happened flashed inside my head. Him sitting there. I stood by him. I followed him to his house. We did the deed.

Still incredulous in my spontaneity and lack of judgement, I stood under the running water.

What have I done?

An older guy. Somewhere near our house. Where people might recognize me. What if someone saw me? What if the story spread? What will my family say?

Maybe it's the universe saying, 'this is the last straw. don't throw your life away like that. learn from this.'

Okay universe. I'll behave from now on. I will resist temptations. I won't anymore listen to the call of the night.

But what really worries me is that it was partly caught in video. Damn you lust.


  1. A video? ... he better not be in lifeout, or you'll be the next pornstar.

  2. @victor: sana nga hindi. pano kung sumikat ako. scandal na agad. hehe

    @imsonotconio: wala akong kopya e. pinanood ko sa phone niya, pero di ko pa binura. how stupid is that?!

  3. nah, don't worry. there are too many of us with videos out there. people will watch then move on to the next. no biggie. =P

  4. Baka na-upload na sa internet yung vid. :P