Interesting MRT Ride

I just read about MRT stories from different blogs but didn't think it will happen to me. At some point, I did hope it would. And now that it happened, I am just giddy grateful for the experience.

I boarded the MRT line from the Ayala station coming from a seminar in Makati this evening. My destination was Quezon Ave for a meeting. As expected, the train was packed with commuters. Running from the stairs, I made it to the last cart, at the back of the train. Already, commuters are shoulder to shoulder from each other. This got me excited. It's either I'll experience a signature MRT 'adventure' or at least I would witness one.

At Buendia station, I instantly noticed a guy who boarded. He was wearing a white barong-type polo and carrying a carry-all bag in one hand and holding his mobile phone in the other one. When he was able to board the train, he squeezed in front of me facing my direction. No, he was actually slightly in my left front side.

Through my peripheral vision and my spying eye, I could see his hand hitting the crotch of the guy beside me. He was playing it cool and was using his phone busy talking to a friend. But the guy beside me was looking down from time to time at his crotch. I don't know if he was surprised or if he was pissed off. Seeing that, I can't help but smile. My smile is the smile that says 'I know what you're doing.. but I won't tell anybody.'

When people got off in Shaw Blvd station, I moved a little in the middle to avoid getting pushe when people alight. The train was still packed. I noticed the guy in white polo was standing beside me. I was turn to the side, so my right was facing him. I was holding on to the bar with my left hand and my right hand was dangling down holding my starbucks mug. Then I noticed the guy's body hitting my arm. At first I didn't think much of it (though inside I was hoping for something). But later on it became more frequent. I thought maybe this guy is testing the waters or maybe he's brave and just aiming for my hand to rub his crotch on.

And voila! He hit the mark. His crotch finally touched my hand. I felt his hard member pressing on my hand. Of course I played it cool. I don't want to cause any trouble for lewd conduct in a public area. I didn't look at him nor in his direction. I just stared at the window and enjoyed the subtle and sometimes deliberate push on my hand. There was also a time, when I wanted to tease him a little. When he thrusted his pelvis on my hand, I would rub his crutch side to side. I could see him looking at me through my peripheral vision, but still playing it cool.

It was a different kind of rush and high doing it. Even though we were the only ones left standing in the middle, he was still brave to push his pelvis on my hand. We did the teasing and rubbing from shaw to quezon ave station when I got off the train.

When the train passed by me, guy in the white polo and I gave our last stare. I would have stayed to see where it would lead but I had a prior appointment and I am not one who  disregards an engagement for some thrill. Though I would really love to know what could have happened if I stayed.

And now I wonder, are there rules for things like this for people like us? When do you get off and let him follow, and when do you stay to follow him? Who invites who? How do you exchange contacts?

All these questions still bothers me until now. Nevertheless, I am still giddy that I happened. Who knows, we might bump into each other again (pun intended :D). I'll be in Makati this days. And from now on, I'll squeeze myself in the back cart everytime. :)


  1. You could've just asked for digits in case you're free. =P Happy new year chief, enjoy the MRT rides!

  2. Caloy, how would I do that? Just ask him?

  3. Yeah ask him. You could do that in a gazillion manner without acting like a pompous whore. Ya know what I mean. =)

  4. It's the thrill and the hype of doing something nasty in public.

    Ah, such memories.

  5. I had only one experience in the MRT and back then I still wasn't curious so it was kind of scary, he was a way way older guy, he was in his late 30s but he was fit and good looking thou :)