Nature or Nurture?

I was evesdropping in my relatives' conversation one day when the topic of homosexuality came up. They were talking about our other relatives being gay and lesbian and how they came out one by one.
Then I heard one of them said that homosexuality is in our genes.

Is it true? That homosexuality can be inherited? Or is homosexuality like other forms of lifestyle that can be learned and taught?

My other relatives seemed to agree on this theory. All of the siblings of my grandparents have, in at least one of their children and grandchildren, a homosexual offspring. It may have skipped a generation but chances are the next generation will include a gay son or a lesbian daughter.
So what do think about this?

I remember when I was a kid, it never crossed my mind that I might enter in homosexual relationships. I  played with boys without feeling uneasy or attraction. In my perception, everybody was my friend and everybody was equal. The only thing I remember feeling was not being an alpha-male macho type. As a kid, I didn't like basketball - play it or watch a game. Nor was I knowledgeable in cars or sports.

I started feeling different when I was going through puberty. There was this one boy I hang out with often. At that time, he can be classified as gay - slightly effeminate sporting occasional spirit fingers. What guards him from teasing and confrontation was the fact that his dad was well known in the community and everybody respects him. So we became friends. And I guess that's when I began having crushes with other boys, being curious, and feeling insecure with my body.

So what's my point in sharing this.The point is, I am slightly agreeing with homosexuality being hereditary. I say slightly because environmental and social factors could also influence a person. I don't want to play what if's but I believe that if I was surrounded by macho-type males growing up, I wouldn't turn out gay. I might experimental a little, feed my bicurious nature (well, it's in the genes) but still prefer holes than rods.

This is just me thinking aloud. No really regretting anything. I'm just saying..

PS: After re-reading this, I realized something, I am not infering that I got my homosexuality from my friend. Nor am I infering that its a contagious disease. I am simply saying that how, where, and with whom you grew up with could impact who you'll become in the future.