For two days now, my ex and I are poking each other in Facebook. (for back story regarding my ex, click here)Wait, what does poke suppose to mean anyway?

Going back, I don't know if I'll be thrilled or not because once again, he's been trying to connect with me somehow. He has removed me twice as his friend already. First, when we, err, I broke up with him. And second, when we reconnected he first time after we split.

Now, he's trying to do it again. I've already sent him a friend request but he's not accepting it. I don't know if I should still keep in touch or just let him be. It's just that I don't want whatever friendship we had go to waste.

But I was once told by someone I met through PR, "why even bother reconnecting with your ex? What for? He became an ex for a reason, you must have hated something about him that's why you let him go?!"

Actually, there was nothing wrong with him. There was something wrong with me. I wasn't ready to commit that time.

And that's my problem now. Should I still keep in touch? If he asks me know if I'm ready to commit, can I wholeheartedly say 'yes'? That I don't know.


  1. .and if ur ready to commit this time,why not?

  2. it's just facebook. it's not suppose to dictate how your friendship should go, nor should it define friendship. It's just a medium of keeping in touch. if he doesn't want it, or easily trashes it about - doesn't that says a lot already?

    Re: "I don't want whatever friendship we had go to waste."
    well, it already has. i think.

  3. hello...just passing by :))

    poking is something you do to grab the attention of somebody.

    i think there's nothing wrong befriending our exes as long as it feels alright for both of you doing know what i mean.
    i assume that both of you still have attachment issues with each other.

    honestly, dear, i don't understand why commitment becomes a problem here.
    i do not buy the reason "not ready to commit".
    isn't that similar to say, not ready to be in an intimate and exclusive relationship with the one you love?

  4. @mac: I'm still enjoying being single, but I genuinely still wants to be his friend.

    @victor: yeah, seems like he doesn't want me anymore in his life.

    @christian: thanks for stopping by. I think my problem is I can't match what feel for him to the feelings he has for me.