I wish you

Two things I can say to two different people.

I wish you were here. 
That's what I always say to him. Wish you're here by my side, holding you all night. Wish you're here watching TV with me until we both fall asleep. Wish you're here beside me as we both wake up in the morning. Wish you're here and always.

I wish you the best.
That's what I want to say to him. Wish you the best in all your endeavors. Wish you all the best in your plans for the future. It may not be the right time for us or we may not be the right person for each other. We've already tried it once, and I think it was enough. Sincerely and genuinely, I wish you the best.


  1. so parang isang humahabol at isang naghahabol ganyan ba ang peg ng post na ito? haha!

    1. haha pede din..

      ano to, isang taong masaya sa kasama niya ngayon at masaya para sa ex niya.