Taking the Lead


Looking at him sound asleep beside me, I reflected on the night's events. "Ikaw. Ikaw bahala. Ikaw mag-decide." These were the words that resonated in my head. Words which happen to be one of the many pet peeves I have. In most of the people I've been with, which are not so many, I seldom if not rarely decide on matters. I usually just agree to suggestions and go with the flow because I am younger. But now, in this relationship, I am the older half. And somehow I am kind of just getting used to the idea. The idea of making decisions for us, for the both of us. I don't care who take's the lead in our relationship, I just wish I don't get to choose for him all the time.


  1. it takes two to tango ika nga nila.

  2. "ikaw bahala" means "i trust you".)

  3. "basta tu"
    one of the awesome phrases i've learned from a friend. and yes, it does mean entrusting your fate to some someone.

    pero, "bahala ka" is not something you'd like to hear especially when it comes to relationships.