I was in a living room. I am not sure if it was a loft-type condominium or a house. Everybody, all the guys, were having a drink - beer, wine, juice - maybe, I can't tell. I remember feeling excited to attend the party.  "Don't talk to someone you don't know," I heard someone shout. In my head: What gives? I thought we're here to get to know each other. Then the host gathered all the guests together. He welcomed everyone. Then he pulled out a number of papers. He passed it around and asked us to get one each. As I looked at the paper, I saw a list of names. The names were very familiar. I got excited as read through all of it. These are the people I knew through their blogs. Then I got the idea what we're supposed to do. It was a human bingo game - an ice-breaker. The host began to explain the mechanics of the game. Listed are usernames of all the attendees, then each participant should guess who's username it belongs to by going around and talking to everyone without asking what their username is. Clever, I thought. Then my phone. I got out of my dream and walked out of the store. 


  1. Cool dream! :)

    I remember my first blogger party. It wasn't a game or anything pero that's what all us noobs were doing in our heads. It's always nice to put a face to the words we read.

    1. hehe. tama. kelan kaya ako makaka-attend ng blogger party? hehe

  2. that's rather a nice game to play =)

  3. i've never attended a blogger party myself...

  4. wow, that's a great idea ah!
    i've never been in one before (kasi hindi naman talaga ako blogger dati. or hanggang ngayon? kembotero lang ata ako eh haha) but i guess being in one can be a lot of fun!!! :)