Weird Afternoon Dream


i was here in our house in Laguna staring out the window. when out of the clouds I noticed a dark smoke emerging. I stood up and looked at the object closely. it wasn't a smoke after all. it was an aircraft, a plane of some sort and it was spinning out of control. I thought of taking out my camera but I couldn't remember where I put it so I just looked at the plane again so that I could retell it to my friends and the press  in case they interview me. When I turned my head to the aircraft's direction I was stunned. It was falling off the sky fast, and it was being moving in my direction, towards our house. I could run away. I just froze. It was just like I was accepting my impending doom. But luckily as the plane spun towards our house it was deflected or maybe stirred away from me. Then I remembered, my nephew and his yaya was in the other room. I rushed to them to alert of them of the falling objects towards us. But when I reached their room, the first aircraft was already spinning away from us. And the second aircraft scratched our house just a bit, the sound   enough to wake up my nephew.

Here comes the weird part. As the second plane moved away from us, it was engulfed by a massive cloud, a cumulonimbus cloud perhaps. It was producing bolts of lightning and deafening sounds of thunder. And then the clouds and lightning slowly formed an image of a grandmother and her grandchild. She was carrying her and cuddling her as they lay down in bed. And the thunder became speech, words. Our yaya dicephered it as hilagaynon. Though I don't know how she knew that.

As the cloud floated away from us, another object fell towards us. it seemed to be a flotation device that realeased its parachute. The parachute then was caught in the branches of our tree. Then a satellite fell on our backyard.  "Go check it out," the yaya said. When I looked out the window there seemed to be a frenzy. My neighbors came running to the objects that fell in out lawn. Maybe they wanted to keep it and sell them for scrap metal or something. I rushed out of the window to stop them. Of course, the objects landed in our property, they should be ours to keep. I was trying to shooing them away. When I realized, I wasn't in Laguna. I was in the states. My neighbors are all Caucasians. They all had fire hydrants with them to put out the fire from the fallen objects. As if in a a movie, I looked around. it was just chaos all around. People were like primitives trying to be the first one to get the unknown object. Then the cops arrived. They tried to regain order and peace but to no avail. The frenzy continued. Then the scene span out, zoomed out to cover the whole wreckage in our area. Out lawn is filled with mini craters and people start to run towards it. Police cars start to fill the perimeter, and I staring at the sky, wondering what happened and who was responsible for it. 

Then I woke up and typed this dream.


  1. That's one bizarre dream... though I guess I know the reason behind that Hiligaynon thingy... ☺

  2. nosebleed ako...ndi ko kinaya dream mo pre...hehe