Because I am super busy, as in like, I have no more time left for anything else but to do the important things I need to do, I was able to stalk people in Facebook.

Why do people usually stalk other people, aside from having all the time in the world to waste? Well, they can be either curious or obsessed. I don't think... nah... I don't think I'm obsessing, so I guess I am just curious - curious to see their real face, curious to read about their interests or hobbies and curious to see who their friends are. Ultimately, I guess I just want to put a face to the stories and tweets I have been reading for so long.

What surprised me in this wise use of my time was that the world is really small. I know, gasgas na talaga siya. But it still surprises me how we are all connected, related, affiliated.

Degrees of relation surprises (result of Twitter/Blogger-Facebook stalking & profile-hopping)
  • He is friends with the people I worked with years ago in a call center, meaning he also worked in that account. I resigned long before he became a part of the team.
  • They are friends with my mountaineer friends.
  • They are friends with my gay friends.
  • He is friends with friends from a major TV network.
  • They are friends with college friends.
  • They are friends with my personal trainer friends.
  • They went to the same school I am attending now.
But for sure I won't tell anyone of them how I am somehow related to them. I guess it would be interesting to see the one day I get to meet them in person, being introduced by our mutual friends, then I'll reveal to them how I knew them even before we met. That would really be something.

On another note:
What's troublesome for me in FB profile-hopping is when I see a profile and recognized the picture from somewhere - I don't know if I saw him in Twitter, Blogspot, or Planet Romeo. It can be headache inducing problem.


  1. on, On Another Note.

    it's really funny how we used to recognize familiar faces in a certain group or community pages. hahaha
    i just simply shrug whenever i encounter such.
    after all, your post is about petit monde, right? :D
    and yeah, your right there. prolly because most of them have multiple accounts on different social sites. hahaha

  2. be careful when u stalked that u would not get caught in a trap because when u stalk u may leave a trace or footprints. :)