When I opened my dashboard today as I would like to follow-up on my blog reading, I noticed my stats. It already flat-lined. For more than a week now, I haven't published any post to gain traffic. Just when I thought I was the only one who finds it taxing to write a decent blog nowadays, I saw Mugen's post 'Why Its Hard To Blog These Days.' I have easily identified with some reasons listed in his post. There are 100 posts in my blog yet only 73 are published. I don't think I ran out of ideas to write. It's just I couldn't find the energy or zeal to finish the entries that I've started. I even had a series in mind with all the titles and the outlines already listed. But I guess what's lacking is the drive and excitement I used to have. And now, I feel I'm back at the beginning - trying to find my voice, trying to discover my style. But if I remember it correctly, this was how I started blogging - from reading other blogs and being inspired by their thoughts. 


  1. Lol ...i have been blogging every day this week lol

  2. Worry not, each blogger can find his/her own resurgence... just wait for that spark of inspiration ☺