Love principles

The other night, I met a blogger for the first time. We had a dose of coffee and conversation. Most of the topics that came up were about love and relationships, topics which I seldom talk to someone because I have limited confidante. Anyway, in the conversation, some of the beliefs and principles I that live by came up. 
  • Find someone who complements you and not someone who'll complete you.
  • Love yourself first before you can love others.
  • Love should bring out the best in you and not the worst in you.
  • Sa pag-ibig kapag may sumuko na, ibig sabihin nito tapos na ang relasyon. (syempre, you should fight for it first. pero pag di naman talaga nag-work out, dapat ng sumuko)
  • Guard your heart. Don't give yourself wholly to a person. Leave some for yourself.
  • Kung kayo talaga para sa isa't isa, kayo talaga sa huli.
  • Kapag nagawa niyang saktan ka o lokohin ka once, malamang mauulit din yun.
  • Once trust is lost or tainted it's hard to regain or mend.
Basic lang naman talaga yung mga principles na yan. Pero dala na rin ng nag-uumapaw na pagtingin sa isang tao, minsan natututunan nating kalimutan ang mga iyon.

*Drafted in March 2012


  1. kung tama ang iniisip ko....

    hinding hindi ko makakalimutan ang isang bagay na sinabi mo sa akin noon and I'm trying (really hard) to live by it

    "Love should bring out the best in you"

    1. when i heard it somewhere, it instantly became my guiding principle.