Homosexuality and Christianity


I've already thought of this topic two weeks ago but I can't seem to put into words the things that I want to say. I wanted to  provide an argument - based on Church doctrines and scriptures - on what Christianity thinks of homosexuality. But I'm not really articulate and I struggle with words. So I'll just leave it to the writers to give you that. Plus, there's a lot of sites in the internet about this topic.

So, what exactly do I want to say? Well, I mentioned earlier that I thought of this topic two weeks ago. It happened when I attended a catholic charismatic group's program. At that time I was kind of missing something in my life. And I knew what or who that is. It was Jesus. I had been missing celebrating mass during Sundays and I haven't turned to God for a long time.

I just wondered, can a guy like me - with this urges and thoughts - join a religious group and not feel any hypocrisy? Is there such a thing as gay christian?

I know Jesus did not turn his back on sinners. And I know that people in the congregation are not perfect themselves. But I just can't help but wonder, is there a room for openly gay people to be active in the Church?

Here's a good read, though I share it to you: I'm Christian, unless you're gay.


  1. You have to ask first this fundamental question: Has Jesus said it's a sin to be gay?

  2. Hi! I'm a born-again Christian. In our church, "gays" are very much welcome. Our pastor always tell everyone that perfect people are not allowed in our church, because all of us are sinners.

    There's a ministry in our church that welcomes everyone who struggles with sexuality. Those people who are aware of this issue in their life attends this ministry. We may say that being gay is a sin. But still, all sins can be forgiven by God. And so, we can easily welcome those who call themselves gay.

    (By the way, I don't like labeling people "gay" because I just think there's no such thing as gender "gay". I just think it's man & woman, and nothing else. If a man is soft, then he's soft. If a man is having sex with another man, then he's still a man having sex with another man. It's up to them if they will call themselves "gay")

    What we like to point out in our church is that some of the things that we do our not part of God's design. One of these is having sex with the same gender. (Leviticus 18:22 "It is disgusting for a man to have sex with another man." - Contemporary English Version) When a person do it, he sins. But when we sin and ask God for forgiveness, we will be forgiven. However, there's a question of why you keep doing what you're not supposed to do. This is where your love for God will be based on. If you love God, why are you doing the things that you are not allowed to do. In the ministry they will help you deal with these things.

    Sometimes I get to meet other people in that ministry and honestly, i still find them "being gay". They still act soft, they still talk in gay lingos, they still have that gay humor. But at the same time, when it comes to the physical urges, I know they're trying to change. Some of them just remains single. Others went back to being straight & was able to marry a woman and form a family.

    To answer your question in the 2nd to the last paragraph, yes, there's always a room for openly gay people to be active in the Church. Just make that courageous first step to join in, not minding what other people will say or think. It's you & Jesus and no one else.

  3. yes, i read what the blogger said. we should stop judging other people, because no body is perfect.

    just me,

  4. I know God understands. It's us I'm worried about.