Touching Self: Techiniques and Variety


For as long as I remember, I've been masturbating almost the same way as I first did it. Lying on my back and pumping Bruno (yes, he has a name) using a forehand grip. Well, there's a slight variation from what I originally did when I was a kid. Back then, when Bruno still had foreskin, I used the index-middle finger-thumb grip, and sometimes the palm on the crown with the fingers dangling down on the shaft. And as I reach orgasm (still dry then), my toes will point upward towards my head. When I grew older and my body matured, I began to use the forehand grip still lying on my back, but when I consummate my toes would curl and my feet would point away from my body. I wouldn't consider myself adventurous when it comes to self-pleasuring. As long as I can release, I'm content. I hear different variations from my friends like kneeling, standing, or with one leg on top of a chair, or humping a pillow, or the two hand pump or edging or twisting, wringing. Though I tried them at least once, I still remained faithful to the classic technique. Sometimes I use aids to increase sensation like lubrication and the grip will be mostly placed just on the head with squeezing and turning motions.  The recent one that I tried was while sitting down. It happened just after a massage. 

It was, shall I say, a legit massage place but still the masseur occasionally rubbed the sac and Bruno which excited him. As I sat to dress up, I can't control the urge to release and so I went for it. Sitting and using a backhand grip I pumped away. Occasionally closing my eyes to enjoy the moment, while still being on guard if ever someone might enter the room. And alas, I was able to finish the deed. Amazingly, I didn't have to lie on my back just to get off. Maybe it's from the long foreplay-ish massage that made it easy for me to come. Ikaw ano ang kwentong jaks mo?

Curious about masturbation techniques and variations, like me? Here's a helpful site: Art of Male Masturbation


  1. Don't start with me. I used to have a nasty reputation on my blog. Haha

    Goodmorning Justin.

  2. @Ternie: Sori naman sa virgin thoughts mo.
    @Shenanigans: Di naman. It's just something we do regularly naman. hehe
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  3. kwentuhan over a bucket of

  4. @Nikki: My oh my hehe :D

    @Victor: sige game! :)