Not that it matters now

I remember there were 7 or 8 of us boys in that room. It was an out-of-town trip organized by a school organization. The room had four double-decks; each of us having our own bed. On our last night of the week-long activities, we decided to join two of the double-decks and just sleep close to each other. Four on the upper beds and four of us on the beds below.

Before we all went to sleep, we decided to have some drinks and just talk about each other's lives. Here was when the fun began. We learned a lot more about each other than before. And that made us much more comfortable with each other.

The guy on my right was the first one to sleep. He seemed very tired from the day's activities. Then we all followed suit. In the middle of the night, I was awaken by some motion from the guy from my left side. My initial reaction was that he maybe masturbating. That got me curious and wide awake. As I observe in silence and closed eyes, that guy still shook his body and moved his legs as if he was squirming. But then I noticed that his right hand was on my left hand. We were holding each other's hands. So how the heck can he shake (or masturbate)?! He must have been using his left hand, right? But I know how a body shakes when one masturbates. Then, someone must be giving him a hand. Oh, it was guy from the far left, the other guy beside him! (I kinda caught a glimpse of it from my peripheral view)

Things did really begin to be interesting. The guy from the far left was masturbating the guy on my left. Of course, I wanted join in the fun. I turned to my left to face them and try to catch them in action. But the movement stopped. Guy on my left went to the loo. When he came back to bed, he laid on his belly.

Not to be stopped, I began to run my hands over his body and hugged him. I was hoping that the guy from the far left would join; but he just remained still. So my hand began to linger towards left guy's crotch. I didn't feel any objection, therefore, I just continued.

Left guy turned to his back and just laid there, allowing me full access to his groin. Without hesitation I began to masturbate him. I pumped his dick for quite some time. I kept on pausing because my arm began to cramp. When I can't pump no more, I just let him do it on his own. I just kept my hands circling on his body to arouse him. When he came, I did my signature move and squeezed his dick until all cum has come out. I guess it got a little out of hand that left guy became noisy and unruly in bed. That lead to the guy to speak up and say that we should keep it down coz we were quite noisy. Oh shit! Was he awake the whole time? Was he watching us since we started? Why didn't he join since it was him who first touched the guy in my left?

When morning came, the guy from the far left didn't speak to us. He was the only one that seemed to be different. When I tried to talk to him and apologize, he just shrugged it off. What I didn't understand was how come it was such a big deal to him, when it was him who initiated it with our buddy? Was he frustrated that I got to finish what he started? Was he frustrated that I didn't get to do to him what I did to our bunkmate? I really don't know. At that time, I can't seem to grasp the idea of him being so mad at us. Since then on, we didn't speak to each other until we graduate and went our separate ways. I haven't heard from him since. And I guess I won't ever hear his explanation. Not that it matters now.


  1. Baka nagselos. Maybe he had feelings with 'immediate-left guy'. Hindi lang siguro pure lust para sa kanya yung nangyari nung gabing yun. So with you stepping in the act, na-disturb mo yung matagal na niyang fantasy.

  2. Probably it was his moment, his only chance, and though it was not your intention, it hurt him big time. Oh well, ang buhay ay parang quiapo, kailangang lumaban kung hindi maagawan ka. :D :D