The Bush


Yesterday, I bought a pair of scissors. For what? You may ask. Well, I've been contemplating this for a long time now. It has been bothering me for a month and I can't seem to decide which approach to take.

It's about my pubes. I don't know if I would trim it again or try shaving. Trimming has been my grooming solution for my hairs down under since I could remember being aware of hygiene down there. But recently, I don't know if I should explore shaving. I saw a video from Gillette about shaving your groin. It's true that trimming the bushes makes the tree look bigger. But should I cut the whole grass or leave some for the sensation?

I remembered a friend sharing his shaving experience back in high school. He said that when his pubes grew back after shaving, it was itchy, like when your beard grows back. It's like that. I don't want to feel uncomfortable when my pubes grow back. It would feel like a sand paper while I walk. Plus, shaving would entail maintenance. I would mean I have to shave regularly.

So I stuck to trimming. But I make sure that I cut is short. What I like about trimming is the smooth feeling of my cock in my hand, just like a baby's skin - silky smooth.

How 'bout you guys, which do you do / prefer, trim or shave?


  1. i thought you're going to hurt yourself with a scissor e! LOL pang pubes pala!

    i dont like to shave either!

  2. trimmed at least for my partner. i hate it when it gets into my nose or teeth when i go down or i get a few strands in my tongue

    i trim or shave mine to cut it short enough.

  3. mukhang nanalo ang malinis at hygienic. wala may may gusto ng madamo. lol

    1. Natawa naman ako sa term mong "madamo". *hahaha*

      Ako trim, once a month. ;)

    2. hahaha, ako pag may pinaghahandaan lang LOL