Of Life's Songs


Lately, I've been bursting in to song with no apparent reason. What's fascinating was that the song I've been humming in my head or singing out loud seemed to reflect my current state of mind.

The first one is Sarah G.'s Can this be Love. This is the first time since ages ago that I felt this way towards a person. And for someone I just met for a week. I can't really explain or rationalize how and why I feel this way, but I just do. It's different when it comes to him. I feel different when I came with him, in a good way of course. I am not as guarded or even as free with the others I was with. With him, I feel everything is in its place. Which I find terrifying. I don't know if it's too good to be true. But I think I am willing to see everything through.

Can this be love I'm feeling right now
I know for certain I'm feeling right now
I don't recall ever feeling this way
Tell me what does one say
To one who makes me feel this way

Can this be love I'm feeling right now
I am not sure of this feeling somehow
Why do I tremble whenever you're near
I can't seem to say my words so you'll hear

Second is Celine Dion's Immortality. For this year I have set a goal for my self that I want to accomplish. I think this dream has been long overdue and it has been frustrating not to achieve it while a number of my colleagues are already living theirs. I must follow that road I set for myself. And I have to allot  every resources I have in reaching those goals.

And I will stand for my dream if I can

Symbol of my faith in who I am

But you are my only

And I must follow on the road that lies ahead
And I won't let my heart control my head
But you are my only
And we don't say goodbye

Cos I have found a dream that must come true
Every ounce of me must see it though
But you are my only

Last song is Reflections sang by Lea Salonga. Being in the closet and all, it's hard. I want to be comfortable in who I am without the fear of being blamed, embarrassed, ridiculed, or worse disowned. I also don't want to be labeled based on my sexual preference because it is not just who I am. I am also a loving son who aims to be someone who would greatly contribute to society and his family.

I am now 

In a world where I 

Have to hide my heart 

And what I believe in 
But somehow 
I will show the world 
What's inside my heart 
And be loved for who I am 

Must I pretend that I'm 

Someone else for all time? 

When will my reflection show 

Who I am inside? 

There's a heart that must be 

Free to fly 

That burns with a need to know 
The reason why 

Why must we all conceal 

What we think, how we feel? 

Must there be a secret me 
I'm forced to hide? 
I won't pretend that I'm 
Someone else for all time 


  1. Ms. Lea's voice is divine.

    ANd i think Reflections qualifies as an anthem for all closeted individuals out(?) there.

  2. ganyan talaga when you're inspired. you just burst into song...

  3. It's amazing how a song could touch your soul in a way you don't even understand. This is why music is magical.