Drawing the Line


Hi there! How's your weekend so far? So my blog for tonight is connected with my previous entry.

This afternoon I went to see Art. [I have two entries about him: Round Trip & Postponed] I went to his place because (1) it's been a long time since we saw each other, (2) I missed him, and (3) I was bored. At his house, we sat in their living room and watched TV and talked about our lives. Since it was the the first time we've been together by ourselves since I left, the atmosphere was filled with sexual tension. A tension that later led to pleasurable consummation at the back of their house. But this entry is not about that.

At the road, while waiting for an FX, I decided to make it clear to him what our relationship is. Well, the gist of what I said was, I am not looking for a relationship and I cannot make a commitment, what I can offer is just friendship. He seemed puzzled at first. Friendship with benefits? He thought that we already have an understanding of our situation. Issues of exclusivity and sex came up.

It was hard trying to set things straight. I admit, I may have led him on. So I apologized to him. And he understood. It took him a while before making a decision. I told him that whatever it is that he chooses, I'll respect and understand it. In the end, he decided that we just remain friends, just friends.

Honestly, after that, I just want to stop seeing anyone else and just concentrate on my life and my career. It's hard to think about the feelings of others most of time. Maybe that's why I'm still single.

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