Is it just me, or did he just do what I think he did?


I was with some friends that time. At the street as we were all having a conversation, I noticed, through my peripheral vision, three men approaching. They're tall, lean yuppies wearing what looked like uniforms, their polo barongs. They were all good looking. When they walked behind me, I tried to subtly turn my head and follow them. But when I turned my head to the other side, I saw my guy friend's eye looking, no, staring at the three tall yuppies. I just returned my head and smiled. I felt like my suspicion were validated. But later on, when we all went our separate ways, I wondered,was that really a validation rooted from my wishful thinking or do guys check other guys out?

I have asked my girl friends if they check other girls out too. Almost all of them said yes. They do so because  (1) they find the girl's dress / outfit / accessories interesting, (2) they want to check the competition, or (3) they want to feel good about themselves by finding flaws from other girls. Guys check out girls for obvious reasons, and most of the time it's sex-related. But can / do straight guys check out / look at guys without malice? I mean head-turning, eyeball-rolling stare.

I don't want to out him if in case my gaydar is correct. It's just that sometimes you just wish there's someone close who understands what you feel. I guess it would be nice to know someone who's rooting for the same team.

photo from here.


  1. if it is the 60s or 70s where most pinoy gays are consrvative, pwede pang walang malice ang tingin. pero ngayon na halos lahat exposed na gay system, every guy who checks out/looks at other cute guys is already a suspect :)

  2. Could it also be that he was checking out what you were checking out? Baka na curious din sya. Pero so not to burst your bubble - baka nga nagwapuhan din at baka confirmed din ang iyong hinala :)

  3. I ask my straight friends ...they say nacucurious at minsan naiintimidate sila pag gwapo ang ka tropa ...

    and based on my observation alam naman ng straight kung gwapo talaga ang isang lalaki ...kasi confident naman sila sa sexuality nila.