Memories + The Recap

Memories, I believe, is neither good nor bad. It depends on how these still in time is interpreted in our mind or how it affects us in certain situations.

Memories can sometimes lighten our day. Those sweet moments you spent together with your loved ones or even just a normal day would just take you back to those happy times and make you feel so much better.

On the other hand, memories sometimes can hold you back from moving on. When a person leaves, he's not completely gone because you still have memories of him. And unless you'll acquire a selective amnesia, that person will still live in your mind.

So, memories it's just a matter of having more with different people so you'll have a lot more to look back on and not just on one.


On my way back to the greater manila area, I looked back on the closing month and decided to start a regular month-ender series. They say that it's important to evaluate the day that passed so that it wouldn't be wasted. But since, I can't do it daily, I'll just do my evaluation monthly.

This month has challenged my psyche and spirit in ways I didn't expect. It started with a death in the family which is never good. It forced me to be strong not just for me but for my mother. That event really shook us all. 

Also, this month I felt once again how strong feelings for a person could brighten up my day. I felt like I was in the courting stage of a relationship. Though nothing happened (eponine-level lang, he was never mine to keep), I was still glad for the sweet somethings.

And for most of the days, I've been trying to look for my own corner in the sky. Aside from school, I've been trying out other groups where I hope to find myself. First, I am trying to be an active member in a religious organization. I have already applied for a volunteer post in the nearest hospital. And most recently, I've auditioned in a chorale. Thinking about how hectic my schedule would be, I remembered how many my extra-curricular activities were in highschool. I was in the school choir, school newspaper, and yearbook staff. I was also an officer in the CAT and a member of a church organization. Not to mention maintaining my  spot as one of the top in class.

Anyway, the start of the year woke me up in the realities of life. Last year, I felt that I wasn't in a hurry to fulfill my dreams. I was still enjoying my time. But due to recent events, I guess it's time to learn to prioritize and decide on where to leave my mark in this world.


  1. Wow, busy bee! Natawa ako sa Eponine levels..ganyan din ang level ko for sometime now :)

    Keep going for the things you want, but take your time, have fun while you're at it :)

  2. im worried for you. baka mawalan ka na ng time sa kin niyan. chos!

  3. relate ako dito "I've been trying out other groups where I hope to find myself"


  4. Zai: how do you handle it? it busy-ness?

    Mac: chosera ka talaga! haha

    Marco: talaga? para di naman. kwentuhan tayo minsan tungkol jan :)