On Call (or Text)


A friend sent me text message one night. He asked me how much I charge for a consult. Puzzled as to what consult he is pertaining to, I replied to his message and asked. That's when he informed me of the pain he felt after every running session. I told him it's free since he's my friend. I think my exact text was, 'pre, wala yun. may presyo ba ang pagkakaibigan?' However, he insisted on paying and asked me when I would be free. I was willing to drop by his house that night before going home. But since it was already late, we just scheduled my visit on the following night.

When I came to his house, he offered me something to eat and drink. We talked for a while in the living room before going upstairs to his room for his consultation. I evaluated and assessed him first. Afterwards, I prescribed him some exercises for him to do regularly and demonstrated the proper way of executing the exercises. I also gave him some pointers and tips to avoid further aggravation of his symptoms.

When we finished, we went downstairs again and talked for a little while. He said that he invited one of our friends to join us hang out that night. While waiting for our friend to come, he brought out an alcoholic beverage, I think it was Absolut Peach, which he said he bought in Singapore. Surprisingly, the vodka smelled like a dishwashing soap. We just had a glass because I didn't like its taste and he claims to be already tipsy from that glass. By that time it was only us downstairs, his parents already hit the sack. He took a brief shower while I watch Nat Geo: Taboo. When he came back, I told him that I'll be leaving since it's already past midnight. He asked me to stay for a while because our friend may come in any minute.

As we waited, he continued to ask me about his condition. I for got how the conversation went but later it led to deep kneading massage to release tensed muscles. He asked me if I could try it out on him. He wonders if it may be the solution to his complaint. Just to see it would work, I agreed. At that point I was already noticing something weird. I was massaging his thigh and waist almost near his inguinal area. I was doing it with nothing else in mind but to alleviate his pain. However, his body had something else in mind. It was dark in the living room and only the light from the garage illuminated us. I could make out on the little light that shone us that he was indeed having a hardon which he later confirmed of having. With that I already knew that he was planning something to happen.

I finished massaging his thigh but still no friend, he was already sleepy and so he suggested that I also sleep over because it was already late. Honestly I was quite hesitant because I already know where it would lead. That friend and I did some exploration in highschool. Already got over the awkwardness and the clingyness. That's why I don't want to try that path again. He sounded like he was begging me to stay over, and so I agreed. uh-oh.

At his room on his bed, I was still trying to convince myself that nothing's gonna happen, that it would just be like two buds sleeping over after a drinking session. But half way in my sleep, I woke up feeling my friend's knee resting on my thigh. It was highschool all over again. And just like before, his next move was to get my hand and place it on top of his thigh. And so it began. We revisited our highschool exploration days. And the greatest discovery in our exploration was his huge schlong. I almost forgot that his was the longest and thickest I have ever seen. He chuckled when I told him what I thought. Anyway, when we finished, he shared how his girlfriend deprives him of sex because she was still a virgin. I told him that his gf might back out once she sees the anaconda he is hiding. He then replied, maybe she wouldn't be able to contain her excitement once she sees how big a toy she'll have.


  1. High school memories and the exploratory days... hehehe so nostalgic. It's rather funny to do such over again and end up giggling or laughing after

    1. True. Exploratory and horny days. hehe.

  2. wala na akong masabi.

    wait. i can't resist.

    kerengkeng much?


    1. He started it. hehe. it's all the past naman na e.

  3. Hmmm... Is he gay or just exploring?

    Pahiram naman ng toy mo hihi

    Just kidding!

  4. nice story...lolz..old days.