Bodyache (Part 3)


Okay. As I've said, J.M. invited me over to his rented apartment. I didn't think much of it but I was so hoping that it will lead to us to hooking up. It was a Tuesday night when he texted me. He said that he was now all alone in his apartment which he shares with 2 of his colleagues. Ans so I packed everything that I was doing and I hurried along to his apartment. He met me on the street outside and led me to a series of alley to their pad.

When we went in his apartment, he gave me a seat. He was still in his working clothes so he just excused himself and changed. It was a humid night then so he didn't bother to put on a shirt. It was such a turn on. This is it, it's really happening!, I thought. My heart was pounding by this time.

He pulled a chair and sat at my side. We were at that time again, exchanging silly smiles and glances. Just to  break the ice, I asked how his shoulders and arm were doing. I took his hand and massaged it. He gave out that soft moan as he closed his eyes and bit his lips. At that moment, he leaned over and we kissed. At last! It happened. Technically, he's not anymore my patient so, it's ok. Plus we are not anymore at the center, so it's totally ok.

It was more than okay. As we continue to kiss, he stood up from the bench and sat on my laps. It was like those I see in the movies. Excitement and lust got over us both. The possibility that one of his colleagues might knock on the door and see us there added to the thrill of it all. I wont go over to the details but let's just say that he was really a good kisser and grinder. I just can't get enough of each other. It ended with both us sweating and palpitating. Well, he was hypertensive so that's expected. Since, we wanted to cool down, we took a shower together and we made out there too.

We still saw each other many times after that - sometimes it was at my house, sometimes at their apartment, one time at a motel. He was the only one I invited over to my house. Never did I take a risk for someone like that. It was a risk that I may be caught by my relatives and more especially buy the nosy neighbors. That's why when I so invite him over, I'll have him come during midnight when everybody's sleeping.

Of all the guys I've hooked up with, he is the one who I really connected with. My inhibitions and insecurities seemed to fade when I am with him. We really get along well. But I think it's too soon to say if we have a future together. I am just happy that there is someone who's there.  He's in Mindanao for a two-month assignment, and I am here in Japan. We haven't spoken in about a month now, so we'll just have to see what's in store for us.


  1. thnk u for the nice comment in my blog

  2. I'd like to request a follow up on this case. consider it as post op protocol ;)

  3. @imsonotconio. you're welcome

    @victor. sure, once we see each other again.

  4. yun naman pala e. i-tape mo naman balikat ko.

    may residual pain pa rin sa rotator cuff ko :(

    1. talaga?! hehe. naexcite naman ako. pasyente :D