Japanese Bathhouse

I have never been to a bath house in my life. My knowledge about bath houses all came from blogs - gay blogs.  I discovered in those blogs that in bathhouses in the Philippines, you should leave all your shyness at the door because everybody walks around naked with cock whipping and balls hanging. There is a wet area where you can find the baths, sauna, steam room and shower. They say that's where the action takes place. So in short, you go to bathhouses if your looking for some titillating escapade.

So that's what got me excited when I found out that I am going to go to a bathhouse here in Japan. Well aside from experiencing an authentic bathhouse for the first time, I would get to a see a sausage fest of sorts, have a relaxing massage, and hopefully experience some Japanese fun. I was darn nervous but excited.

After settling with the bath house receptionist, I was lead by the staff to the men's area to the locker room. I had an hour before my massage so I could take my time in the pools. As I look around, the first thin I saw was an old naked man. So far, I didn't like what i saw - all wrinkles. I hoped it could get better in the baths.

Quite clueless and helpless, I looked around. Finally, I reached the bathing area. It was good that I read in an article in the internet that it is customary to clean yourself first before dipping in the pools. It was rude to just go in the pool without washing one's self. You'll surely a bad rep from the locals.

So I went to shower first and soap up. In the bathing area, there was as 2 sauna rooms - dry and salt, cold bath, jacuzzi, lying pool, and outside pool. I tried the lying pool and tried to sight-see. But the experience that I had was far from what I expected.

Based on what I saw when I went to a Japanese Bathhouse for the first time, I can say that mostly old people still enjoy the culture of bath houses. I didn't see anyone in my age bracket - no one was in his 20's. All of the bath goers were in their 40's-60's - maybe even 70's.  Well, for me it was both good and bad. Good because I didn't have to care about sporting a hard-on since nothing in there was arousing. Also, I didn't have to self conscious of my built, and 'size' since clearly there's no competition. It was a boost on self-esteem and perception. And lastly, I could have a clean, authentic Japanese bathhouse experience. The only bad thing here is that I didn't get any.

So I just stuck to sigh-seeing and sizing up dicks and balls. Here are some of my observations of Japanese meat, and you may dispute these if you're japanese by sending me a pic of your 'asset.' The people I saw have penis' smaller than average Filipinos. But what they lack in size, they mad up in their ball sacks; they were all hung. I was a bit shock how low their balls go. Was that caused by aging and gravity? I don't know. I've never encountered, personally, someone who has that pendulum-like ball sack.

Well, the japanese bath house experience end well with  a good shiatsu massage that relaxed my aching back and legs. Though nothing sexual happened at least I got a good sweat out of it. I would try it again even just for the sauna and the hot baths. Of course, I'll be hoping for a little action. We'll see.


  1. As a regular of Manila bathhouses, I can attest that guys do not go walking around buck naked. Majority walk around with a (smallish) towel wrapped around their waists. Filipino gay men aren't that brash enough; I attribute it to some form of Pinoy propriety. =)

  2. @joelmcvie: ah really. So I guess, I was wrong. thanks for the clarification. after I visited a japanese bathhouse, it made me curious what our bathhouses look and feel like. :)

  3. Er, which bathhouse is this? I've been to a gay bathhouse in Tokyo (I've written about it in my blog) and there were plenty of young people there.

  4. Vince, it was a bathhouse in Okinawa Prefecture. I should go to Tokyo, then.

  5. Never been to a bathhouse too. A bathhouse-goer-friend wanted to bring me along with him one time but i chickened-out. :(

  6. i've only had one bathhouse experience. it was in Wensha, timog ave branch. If you're going there, try late in the evening.

  7. @wizzdumb, hehe. I asked a friend to take me to a bath house but he was the one who chickened out. He doesn't want his friend to see him naked. :D

    @victor, i've always wanted to try wensha. is it better to go alone or with someone?

  8. i think better with company. for me it was a wholesome experience.
    ...that almost turned into something, errr, risque.

    it actually depends on your purpose... kung balak mo mamingwit, go alone. you get the picture.

  9. @victor: malamang kung may agenda ako, punta na lang ako mag-isa. hehe. subukan nga yan one of these days. :D

  10. I am envious. Gusto ko din maexperience ang mga japanese bathhouses. :P

    1. Go! japan japan! :D salamat sa pagdaan! ;)