Not Activated


I have always thought that I have a keen sense of seeing homosexual tendencies from others. That is, I think I have an excellent gaydar. I could almost always tell if a person (note: person - guy or girl) is straight or not. It's wired through my keen sense of observation and instinct, and my vast database of experience (feeling expert). I guess, it was also rooted in my younger years when I was trying to find out who else is like me, like Professor X trying to look for other mutants.

But now, I noticed that my gaydar is not functioning as it used to. Before I could tell if a person I look (or stare) at is gay or not. I kinda figured out how my gaydar works. When I stare at a person, I'll try to observe what his reaction is. Would he stare back? Would it be long? Will he look back the second time? Will he stop and stare? Will he approach me? Will he use hand or body signals? Those things will be processed in my brain. Logic plus instinct equals gay or not.

But as I've said, it seemed to be losing its power. I can't tell if the Japanese or Americans or the hybrids I see or talk to are gay or not or have tendencies. That's sad. How can I explore the 'assets' of this foreign land if I can't tell who's game. It's too risky to just assume. Many here are army men, which is on one hand exciting but on the other, dangerous.

I think, just like my mobile phone service, I forgot to activate its roaming service. Gaydar is down until further notice. And like me, it's also in vacation.

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