Bodyache (Part 1)


Yeah. It started with a body ache. J.M. was a patient of mine. (He's the guy from Departures.) He had an aching pain on his neck and shoulders which goes to his arm and elbow. I was his therapist so I'll be the one to oversee his treatment and recovery.

The first time I saw him consulting the doctor, I hoped he gets to be my patient. He stood a little shorter than me, fair-skinned, with a medium size body. He was always smiling and seemed to be outgoing. As if destined, his chart was handed to me and I became his permanent therapist.

Our first session went well like a breeze. We had the most easy conversation I ever had with a patient. I did to him all that needs to be done. In the part of the massage of his upper back, I felt a certain tingle in my tummy and in my you know what. He was seated on a chair and I sat behind him. I was slightly leaning towards him smelling him masculine aroma and breathing softly to his skin. I didn't know if he noticed however, I heard a soft moan as I pressed and glided my hands on his shoulders. I then turned to his arm and moved my chair to his side. I was then already facing him and I could see his reaction. All that happened next was a continuous exchange of smiles and not much talking. I was already feeling something different about this guy and for this guy but I don't know if he feels the same way for me. I was hoping that I'll find out on his return.

When he came back for his second session, I was very busy. I was treating 5 patients at that time so I asked some interns to start him up. I finished my other patients early so that I could be the to massage his upper back and shoulders again. When I went in his cubicle, he was just sitting there with that cute smile on his face. He commented on how I busy I was. As I proceed with his massage, I again felt that familiar tingle. But this time, I was more playful and a bit slow on my strokes. I guess he felt that too because he was already arching his neck and back. I still didn't know if he was just enjoying the massage or my touch. I was surprised when he mentioned that he now felt pain a bit more on his chest. Confused and a bit worried, I probed his condition. Was the pain worsening? Are there other sites of pain? He just that it's just there at his chest. And out of nowhere, he took my hand from his shoulders and placed it on his chest. Thinking he was just malingering and I starting to get irritated, I massaged his chest. I don't know if it was just me but he seemed to be aroused by it. Of course I was holding back a bit because my professional license is on the line if I get caught. After that, I moved to his arm. Again, the whole time, we just exchanged glances and smiles, not really saying anything straight. I suggested to  tape his arm. I was trying to experiment on the effectiveness of the tape to relieve pain. He agreed and I taped his arm. Another reason that I applied tape on him was to get his number personally and to have a reason to contact him for feedback on the tape.

After our session was done, I got his post therapy blood pressure. His BP was high then so I asked him to rest for a while. I asked him to wait at the lobby while I see my other patients. When I got back to lobby to recheck his vitals, he was gone. I was worried that he might be offended by my move and may file a complaint. I was worried. But then he texted me. He apologized for leaving. The reason he left was time, he was trying not to be late for work. That started our exchange of text messages.

Throughout the day we were texting. One time he commented that he should look for a therapist to be his lover. At first I thought it might me a sexual innuendo but realized that I might be wrong. It is wrong to assume. Nevertheless, I was still happy that we now opened the door to an outside-therapy relation. here to continue (part 2)...


  1. i find this story sweet...i will wait for the next part :-)

  2. Awww... my therapist is a borderline asshole who can't stop when I feel pain. boo!

  3. @Mac: thanks for reading and commenting :)

    @Caloy: maybe your therapist needs a little love.. :)