Blame it on the alcohol (2)


Now, blame it on Gilbey's Gin & Red Horse Beer. We were at the beach then. There were six of us - 2 girls and 4 boys. We decided to pitch some tents by the sea and drink the night away.

We were all set. We laid our picnic cloth and set-up our tents. We even brought with us sleeping bags in case we can't make it to our rest house. Chips were our pulutan. Our primary alcohol was gin and our chaser, beer. Sounds nasty? Yeah. It was.

In just about an hour of drinking, we were feeling the buzz. Normally, I don't get drunk easily. Normally, I will be the one last standing. But this was no normal times. It was me who got the worst night.

Feeling dizzy and tipsy. I invited my friends for a dip in the sea. I usually swim or take a bath whenever I wanted to regain control and rid of the buzz. But this time, it was not as effective as I expected.

I remember dipping and submerging my face as to awaken my sense. Next thing I remember doing was teasing one of my guy friends who was seating at the shallow part of the beach. His legs were slightly submerged and I remember putting sand on his legs as if scrubbing him. Up until now I don't know why I did such a thing.

I gotta tell you. No one in that group knows about my secret. So you could just imagine my reaction after all of this events took place.

Going back to the story. Yeah, I was scrubbing his legs until near his groin area. I didn't actually touch his wang though. I remember leaving him and taking another dip. Next thing I knew was, I was lying on my stomach and the guy I scrubbed earlier was massaging my nuts and balls. I thought I was dreaming. I remember feeling aroused and horny then that I somehow didn't mind my other friend who was watching us that time. That scene was really hot back then. But now looking back, I just feel embarrased.

I woke up the next day inside our rest house, naked and having the worst headache. I didn't remember how I got there or why I was there. I only knew about my transfer when my friend told me so.

I woke up dazed and confused. Did I do something wrong? Was I just dreaming? Did everybody see that?

I want to talk to the guy but he claimed not remembering anything. My friends don't to tell either. One said that I don't need to know anything about what happened that night. With that, I dropped any inquiry I had in my mind. I thought, if for my friends, that night was insignificant, then maybe that night was really not meant to be remembered.

I began to appreciate my friends more after that. I would take a great deal of respect to show such confidentiality towards someone.


  1. hi sir, i would like to share my story with you. i just dont know how.

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