Where your heart is - Home


I've been here in Japan for almost a week now and I started to dream about home. I dreamed about my home, my family, and my friends. Then I thought, is that my mind saying to me that I'm missing home? Am I not enjoying it here that my mind wants me to see home?

I pondered on a lot of explanations why the setting of my dreams is home. (1) Maybe I don't want to work abroad. Or maybe I want to work, but just for a little while, like 1-3 years. Working in a foreign land can provide a fairly higher amount of salary compared to what you'll get in the Philippines for the same amount of work. But for me, I'd rather choose to work in my homeland where my family and my friends are.

(2) Maybe I am just so used to doing what I wanted to do whenever I want to. There's a certain familiarity in your hometown that you can do pretty much anything not minding anyone else. You have full control of your actions and the situation. In a foreign land, there are a lot of barriers that one would have to face - communication barriers, transportation barriers, and financial barriers among others. Also logistics can be a problem.

Lastly, (3) Maybe because I am so fed up living in a relatives house that I want just for once to live in my own place, follow my own rules. You see, when you live in someone else's house, you can't help but oblige to their requests. After all, they are the ones who give you a roof over your head and food for sustenance. There's no choice but to obey, especially for Filipinos where 'pakikisama' is important.

Well, if ever I get the chance to work abroad, I want to do it in my own merit and live on my own. It may be convenient and even practical to start a new with relatives around. But how can I even start anew if I would still do the same thing I do back in my country, that is being a free-loader.


  1. So, sa Japan ka pala nagpunta huh... Saan doon? Dream ko makapunta dun someday. :3