Bodyache (Part 2)

As scheduled, J.M. (the guy from my previous blog - Departures) came back for his therapy. He was as adorable and charming as ever, not to mention smelling good too. I did the usual to him until we got to the manual part. As usual, I started with his upper back and shoulders. I asked him how the tape was. He said that it was okay. His pain, as he said, decreased a bit and he was able to work without thinking about it. I joked that he doesn't need to come to therapy anymore because he's feeling alright. He quickly, said that he still feels some pain on his shoulder and chest. I was laughing inside, because I found his reaction quite cute. It didn't matter if he was flirting or just malingering. I was just happy he still wanted to come back to therapy. I moved to his arm again as always. And as usual, all that we did was exchange smiles and glances while I do his arm. I would glance at him and he smiles back. He'll glance at me with his cute smile and I smile back then look away. Now thinking about it, I feel like a teenager then, caught without words in front of my crush. Writing about it now makes me blush and very giddy.

When we were done, I didn't get up just yet. I felt like I didn't want the session to end. I was thinking that he is interested, he wouldn't stand either. He would liked to stay. And what did he do? He stayed in his seat! Oh man. Was I happy. We were just there seating and sometimes stealing glances and staring at each other and talking nonsense, of course. Then it became a little awkward. I still didn't know if he was into me. I don't want to make the first move on him because if I do and then find out he's not into that, I'll have my ass kicked out of the center. But if he's into it and I do the first move, I can't risk being caught with my pants down (or his) or else I'll be kicked out the center and have my licensed revoked, or worst, I'll go to jail. So, I stood and bid him farewell. He was a bit blank on his reaction and just said the he'll see me for his next session.

Come his next session, as I lead him to the last cubicle where I usually place him, he mentions to me that he wouldn't be finishing his six sessions, that today will be his last therapy because his insurance would not pay for the rest of the sessions. I was shocked and devastated. Of course, I didn't let him notice me. But inside,  I was thinking that it was my last chance to know if he's game or not. Game?! Like this is a game?! Fast forward to the massage. I really took my time in my strokes, presses, and glides. I really want him to feel the intensity of my palms and knuckles kneading his back. Frustrated and disappointed, not really getting any direct reaction from him, I moved to his arm. I held is arm away from him so his hand is resting on my thigh. I was already satisfied with his hand on thigh. That was the best I could get from him, I thought. But I was surprised to get something better.

As I began to knead his arm and massage it, his fingers was tapping my thigh. I thought he was just calling my attention to say something, so I just looked at him. He didn't say anything and just smiled. I went back to my massage and he continued to tap my thigh, sometimes making circles too. My heart was pounding! I couldn't believe it was happening. He's totally in to me! My all time fantasy is finally coming true! Oh gosh! I can go crazy! But I kept my composure though I wanted rip his shirt off and kiss him. I didn't want to make the first move. I am at the disadvantage. So no matter how horny or giddy I was, I kept still. I kept still with my chest pounding and my lips shaking. I kept still until it was over, until I was done.

Oh, I was done alright. But I didn't want to leave. So I squuezed in a another few minutes to massage his back. I know, I know. It was too obvious. But that's all I can do. I was waiting for him to make the first move. But that too came to an end. I said farewell and stood still with pounding heart and shaking lips. Normally, when I stand up, I'll go out the cubicle to let the patient put on his clothes. This time, I stayed. I waited for him to take off his gown and put on his shirt. He was about to fold the gown when I immediately stopped him by holding his hand. Chaching! Took advantage of the opportunity to touch his hand. I stayed there because I was waiting for him to kiss me. I waited. He put on his shirt, picked up his bag, and jsut stood there. It was very awkward. I was waitig for him, he was waiting for me. We would stay there if not for an intern who called me to see my other patients. So put out his hand for a hand shake. I shook his hand and pulled him to give him a 'bro'-hug. Mind you, it was the most awkward hug I have ever felt. At that point, I thought all hope is lost to seeeing him again or hooking up. I went by the day, still regretting not making the first move. I even had to beat the dolphin in the center's loo just to relieve the tension.

Surprisingly and thankfully, he texted me the next morning. He thanked me for the nice service I had done for him. Also, he asked me if I could meet him outside of the center, maybe at his house, and apply tape on his arm again. I almost forgot that his house was a walking-distance away from mine. I was thrilled with his invitation. The best thing that could happen is that we'll have passionate sex in his house or the least, is hangout and drink some beer, and when he's drunk, I'll take advantage of him (wishful thinkng). Win-win, right?

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  1. Ang daming awkward moments dito sa story mo. *hehe* Nakaka-tense talaga kapag kaharap mo crush mo. *brrrrr*