Bus Chronicles: Journey

I just love bus rides. Looking out the window. Seeing how the landscape changes as the bus navigates its way to the expressway.  Everything is so calm and sure. 

It's the certainty of it all that I love so much in bus rides or any other forms of transportation. You get on a bus in point A and you'll alight in point B. That simple. There's a beginning and an end. You know where you'll start. Track your progress to where you're currently at. And you'll know if you're nearing your destination. In trips, it's just the same. You have an itinerary. You follow it. Then it's done. No matter how many changes or revisions happen to that itinerary, you'd still know where it leads to and ends. 

But in the journey that we call life (yeah, too cliche), it's a different story. No matter how you navigate. No matter how much you plan. No matter how many goals you set. You can't still be sure what you'll get and when you'll get it. 

I think it just sucks. That no matter how you control your life, someone else can influence it, someone higher can change it.

Bus rides are my moments of escape from reality. I dunno why or how but just sitting there, and seeing different people come and go gives a sense of fantasy. When I'm feeling low, I could just sit by the window and let my tears fall ala music video with a sad love song in my head. If I'm feeling horny, I'll try to spot who I invite to sit beside my with just one look. If I am happy about what going on in my life, I can just sit there and enjoy the sights and the lights.

If only life would just be as simple as a bus ride that no matter what happens, whoever comes and goes, you'll know and be sure where you'll soon be.


  1. Nice post... Ikaw na ang Best in English... Akala ko documented 'yung holding hands scene sa bus...hmmnnnn

  2. sa bus ka nakakamanyak! charot! (ang nega ko haha)

  3. i also felt the same way pag sumasakay ako ng bus
    pero dati yun, ngayon kasi puro jeep na lang sinasakyan ko..



  4. Senyor: thanks, di naman, minsanan lang yan. hahaha. ang dami ng bus stories dito ah, pede na yun. :)

    Mac: ako kaya ang minamanyak, pumapayag lang ako :P

    Ceiboh: puro kaokrayan naman naiisip ko sa jeep, masyado kasing close ang mga tao eh. hehe