Over Coffee

"Always stay on top of things"

I always thought I needed to go out of the city, away from the noise and chaos just to feel calm and at ease. It's what I normally do when I am on the verge of giving up or when I can no longer take all the worries I am feeling at the moment. For me, escaping from reality, even if it's just transient, is the best way to handle the stress. However, a recent meeting with a friend change that.

It's the coffee and the meaningful conversation that did it. My worries, which seemed to be hopeless, now had some clearer solutions or explanations. I thought I just had to live with burden of handling things on my own and only having my own perspective on things. Then, I just found myself opening up to you. It just felt easy. I realize that it's better for someone to tell you the sad or nasty truth to your face so that you can paint a better picture of what's going on and for you to realize if what you're doing is correct or not.

Thanks for being frank. Thanks for the advice.

I am just happy that what started as virtual friendship evolved to a real friendship. Thanks.


  1. hmmmnnn... mabuti naman at dama ang maluwag na iyong aghinga with that friend...

  2. Glad you found someone who could show you the path. :) Happy for you.

    Have a great week ahead, Hustin.

  3. Senyor: oo nga nakahinga ng maluwag :)

    Rus: hehe. oy, suplado mo sa crossing, nag-hi ako nung nakasalubong kita, di ka namansin

    JM: salamat kuya. looking forward sa mga kwento mo :)

    1. Really? Kelan yun? Umaga? Baka di kita napansin kasi lagi ako naka shades pag pauwi na galing office tsaka baka di kita narinig kasi naka headset ako lagi. Kelan yan? Sorry di ako suplado ah :)

  4. suplado talaga yan si russ! ahahaha

    glad you're keeping your heads up..
    that's the way you do it..


    1. uy grabe suplado agad. baka di ko narinig kasi nakaheadset ako.

      kaw ah ni aaway mo ko